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Down The White Nile Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/down-the-white-nile-community-review-and-meta-predictions-runner/

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A deck that I want to retry with Kabonesa is link Shaper. She has 1 link and an anti-rush ability, which shores up a big weakness of corp scoring out while you set up massive endgame economy. The biggest problem I see is that two good payoff cards this deck had (RDI & Vamp) are rotated out, any ideas for best replacements?

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You know, part of me wants to try to make space in a Sunny deck for Takobi and RNG Key. She’s got the MU to spare, and on the former will always be breaking all the subs on ICE so might as well get a refund to get a free strength boost every so often.

Plus Globalsec Security Clearance, of course.


I posted this on reddit too, but I’m really excited for Kabonesa. I’ve already made 6 distinct decklists, I have no idea what to playtest first.

Let’s see… Brahman tricks, Scavenge tricks, Clone Chip tricks, Customized Secretary tricks, auto-Chameleon, auto-Opus, link for Security Nexus, easy feeding of Endless Hunger (usually it’s ~2 clicks worth to install something, now it’s 1 click and a credit discount), Technical Writer credits galore, super-protected programs with Dummy Box, stuffing your deck with disposable programs like Lady… There is definitely a deck there, and I want to find it.

SMC is my favorite card in netrunner, and she’s a guaranteed SMC and more.

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I loved link shaper. But I’m not sure this ID is enough to revive it.

The loss of vamp is big–I used it to turn off caprice/batty, disarm traps, and make the corp super sad. It also turned off their ice if they left HQ cheap to get in. No good replacements have occurred to me.

RDI is easier – you can either go Deep Data Mining or Equivocation/Indexing. Not quite as good as RDI in that deck but passable.

I wonder if there’s a Crim deck that wants Acacia? Thinking the GPI Net Tap/Turtle deck maybe.

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The question you have to answer is what to do with the Acacia credits, given that you probably lost your main way to break ice with the purge. Hopefully you have all of your other breakers ready to go?

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Brute Force Hack? With Los?

I played against a deck yesterday (out of Leela) which played GPI Net Tap/Aumakua/Zamba/Rubicon Switch. But I don’t think Acacia belongs there, I didn’t even think about purging.

The only thing the GPI Net Tap/Turtle deck needs is to be slapped hard across the face, first from left to right, then from right to left, followed by several minutes of being shouted at aggressively.


I feel like I should call Child Protection Services…


Edit: double quote fail.

Yes to both


On a more serious note, does no one think it’s strange that there is—as far as I can tell—no virus hate either released or spoiled so far in the Kitara cycle?

Some of this stuff is getting out of hand, and a single copy of Swordsman and/or a Macrophage plus a Cyberdex Virus Suite isn’t going to cut it as these effects start piling on top of each other. I’ve been in games where taking a whole turn to purge does literally nothing based on the speed at which counters can start to accumulate again. I think we need some new anti-virus options…

You could try my glacierish CTM deck that runs 3x Macrophage, 3x Aryabhata Tech, other Tracer Ice and and bunch of upgrades. It won several matches at Worlds. Macrophage gets really good even without viruses out as if you have an Aryabhata tech rezzed. It did well against the conspiracy breakers and wrecked Aumakua. But it can get handled by stealth Shaper and Sunny if econ operations don’t get drawn early. Might be worth a revisit if this virus business really gets out of control.

my old glacier CTM w/ 3x Macrophage

3x Macro and a CVS might be mandatory depending on archetype.

I also have been a huge fan of enforcer’s trash all virtual resources sub lately. Virtual resources are a lot more common.

Yesssss… Play your Macrophages…


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The runner’s I’ve been trying out have been either Power Tap + Link decks, Freedom Virus decks, or Aumakua + Zamba expose decks. No, none of them seem very good, but they are all fun so far!

…okay, you got me, turtle is in all of my decks.

RNG key is gonna be good in Sonny. Globalsec SC click is basically a Mopus click if you run R&D 2/3 of the time…and that doesn’t factor in the non-rng value of the information. Even better with Dirty Laundry. I think she’s gonna be a real factor.

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I’m not convinced yet on that one, since usually it costs Real Money to get into R&D… Still, with Nexus+Power Tap, might be able to make it work. I’m planning on testing it.

(Still probably better out of Adam?)