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Downfall Spoilers & Discussion

SDS Drone Deployment makes me want Skorpios to come back.



All Runner Cards:


I had the same thought!

Does anyone else think that some of the cards a bit on the wordy side?


Looking at them, nearly all occupy the entire text box. Some are ambitious designs; others needed to be worded very carefully to avoid certain interactions. You’re right, though; I wouldn’t call this set elegant, but it’s the first time many of these folks have designed a product like this. I’m excited nonetheless, and I’m sure the designs will become increasingly more elegant as time goes on.

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Yeah, there are probably a bit more words than FFG’s sets. But, probably not as much as it seems. Looking at R&R, which seems pretty full too.

It’s a combination some more ambitious design, more flavor text (I think all cards that can fit flavor text got it), and more careful/verbose templating.

There will be Set Notes to explain the templating changes when the set is released.

Re: Lotsa Words

We were talking with an FFG playtester this past weekend and brought up that the new cards seemed a bit wordier as well. Where we landed was that once we learned the “mental shortcut” of what the card does, it won’t be such a big deal–that said, it seems like the effort to “get the card to do what it is supposed to do” with the greatest amount of accuracy lends itself to the higher word count.

For example, Andy’s “retired” card makes sense, but I still feel like I had to do some mental stretching to put it all together. Have I reached the inherent “grokness” of it? No, but if you told me, “It’s basically Mr. Li with an Installation Bonus” you can get me half-way there.

As for the former playtester, their general thought was, “Sometimes, when we made suggestions for clarity back to FFG HQ, it didn’t quite work out like we thought. Like the card got done messed up.”

I think Nisei are trying extra hard to avoid FAQ references and clarifications for the new cards. There are also a couple of changes to templating I think, such as with cards that reference themselves.

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Weyland upgrade is pretty cool. another playset of 3/2 for Jinteki, too

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…wait. Did they just create a Weyland asset that actually cares about power counters?
The He3 meme dream is finally real?


Reduced Service Blue Sun, lezgo

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Somehow I thought that had rotated, but no! We’re living the dream!