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Downfall Spoilers & Discussion


Spoiler 1: Déjà Vu

Spoiler 2: Analog Dreamers

Spoiler 3: Congratulations!

From the community week:


Rezeki seems very powerful to me. Compared to Data Folding (which was already easily playable) it is the same “trade MU you don’t need for 1c a turn”, but it’s 2c program instead of 3c resource, so cheaper, easier to tutor and harder to destroy for the corp.


Love the art as well!


3 Crim Cards:


Flipswitch is good and I am happy. If you can jackout on encounter, then that’s pretty sweet.


1x NBN, 2x Weyland


3x Jinteki


seems lik it yeah!
Like it too especially with all those nasty ICE running around.


anyone who listened to the NeoReading Grid feel like typing the gist of the cards out?

nvm reddit did:


Code Marvelous Video:

with a lot of shaper cards & 1 neutral

Card text & pictures:


actually it’s the 1 influence that bothers me…





2 Agendas


Beyoken’s scoops in three parts:
Part 1: with the actual reveal and discussion about the cardas
Part 2
Part 3
In the last two he plays with the spoilerd cards.


And the one within this forum:


  • Parasite 2.0
  • Astro 2.0
  • Keyhole 2.0
  • Psychographics 2.0
  • a decent Crim Sentry Breaker






A kind of new Film critic, one time use



Caprice 2.0