Draft Cube from old Core + 2 Cycles


thinking about using the rotated cards for a cube. Namely old cores + 2 cycles. So I have a cube available without needing to build it every time.

Anyone thounght about this too? Only drafted twice so I’m lacking the experience but would be willing to support this.

No one interested or no one thought about it?

@bluebird503 put up some cubes a while ago. We’ve played them a few times at my local meetup and made some tweaks. I’ve published the current lists for reference. We’re probably drafting again this monday, will probably update again after that. I haven’t updated them based on core 2 yet, but I also haven’t found myself sweating for extra copies of retrun etc.



Thanks very much that’s what I was looking for!

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Currently building it and noticed that some card included:

  • That are still legal like Daily Casts, Earthrise Hotel, IHW, Inject, Street Paddler & SoT is this as they are included in Worlds Decks?
  • That are currently banned like Aaron Maron

Yep, those cards are in because somebody with a full collection of ANR products will have extra copies (from worlds decks, duplicate core sets, etc).

Banned cards are included for the same reason-- you don’t need them for a full standard playset and they tend to be less abuse-able in draft format.

I love drafting and just made and published a “modern” Draft Cube, so I would love for a Rotated Only kinda Cube - i’m worried that theres just not enough Cards yet?

Maybe I’ll give the Graveyard Cube a go sometime!


Tried to update the cube for Rotated TD and included cards in Core 2019.
Corp: 4 player Graveyard Cube - Corp (Core 2019) · NetrunnerDB
Runner: 4 player Graveyard Cube - Runner (Core 2019) · NetrunnerDB

Any feedback is welcome!