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Drafting, on OCTGN

When does anyone think this will be available? At this point, I’d pay just for someone to develop drafting code for octgn. Can you imagine how awesome that would be for netrunner? Playing a limited/sealed game in ONR is as good as it gets, and people just know better than to face check things without a sentry in that game. The point is, the meta will be fresh, and there will be awesome stories of card combinations not possible in standard net runner. Now I feel like making a crazy card combinations thread…

I’ve had success with grid drafting in a way similar to what’s shown here - http://stimhack.com/netrunner-cube-1v1-grid-draft-w-mediohxcore-the-draft/ then playing over OCTGN.

I know it’s not perfect, but I’d imagine something like this (but a lot better) is how draft will work over OCTGN.

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I played some cube-drafting a few days ago on OCTGN.
Bblum figured out a way to cube-draft, using different windows like archives, hidden archives and the exiled cards.
In the beginning it looked weird, but after a few drafst it went pretty smooth.

It’s different from normal drafting but still gives a lot of fun.

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Yep. The steps are as follows:

Get 4 or 6 or 8 people all as players in an OCTGN room and have one player load the cube. Have each player open 4 windows:

  • Hidden archives is the pack you’re currently holding / making a pick from
  • Exile zone (not visible by default, but by archives there’s a skull icon that makes it appear) is your picks (you need to manually set its visibility to only you)
  • Face up archives is where you pass each pack to your neighbour
  • The face up archives belonging to the person who’s passing to you is where you receive your next pack. Then “take control” of it.

To deal yourself a pack, tab over to whoever loaded the cube in their R&D, take control of it, right click and “discard X” to mill 15 cards (or 12, however big of packs you’re using). This will put it into your hidden archives.

To make a pick, drag a card from hidden to exile. If you set the visibility right, it won’t tell everyone which card you took.

To pass a pack, right click your hiddens and “move all to face up archives”. This works even when your neighbour has control of your face ups.

To receive a pack (from your neighbour’s face-ups), right click it and “move all to R&D”. This takes it to your R&D (not theirs). Then use “discard X” to mill it into your hiddens. (The person who loaded the cube needs to be careful to mill the right number each time, as the pack will be on top of the rest of the cube.)

When I ran a draft I made everyone take screenshots of their picks in between each pack, so we wouldn’t have to restart from scratch in case anyone disconnected and crashed the room. But we got lucky. :slight_smile:

Then repeat with the runner half of the cube. After loading the runner cube you need to load a 0-card corp deck; otherwise “discard X” will mill into your face ups instead of your hiddens.


Man, that sounds like you’ve worked it out pretty well, how was the game? Were people totally psyching you out with copycat and false echo, or using psychographics, to over advance vitruvius then using those tokens to bust out a totally sweet brain trust, with actual rez cost reduction? Even just having a posted bounty with mostly nbn cards would be pretty cool. Imagine market research being good.

I made an ultra sweet runner deck with 3x the supplier, 3x trimaf contact, beckman, procon, utopia shard, a big rig of breakers, and so on. Then I lost both of my games as I hit 2-advanced ghost branch on 2nd to last click and snare on last click, lost beckman, and took 3-6 meat damage from trimafs :frowning:

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Haha, so basically, the mafia killed you, after Beckman abandoned you because you lead everyone into a trap. Sounds like a blast.


The way NetrunnerDB is now set up, I can’t figure out a way to get it to display 9 cards in a 3X3 grid like in the video you posted. :frowning:

Increase text size in your browser, resize browser window.

That is an excellent way to draft, wish it were a little easier to do with someone online. I’m thinking of making a jank cube now. Haha, you guys crapped on so many cards in that video. Also, your pronunciations of some Jinteki ice was pretty funny, susanoo and inazuma in particular. Good times

I’d like to run another cube draft tonight. Can I get 3 or 5 other people who want to play cube, willing to commit 3-4 hours? Probably starting around 2200 EST. If we fire then I’ll stream it.

Do you need a Webcam or other tech? If there’s a way to do it with no mic or Webcam…YESSSSS

Nothing more than it takes to play normally. Still need 2 more though.

can we one on one draft?