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Drive-By Radio...er...Drive Time!

With Terminal 7, The Source, The Winning Agenda, and RLC wrapping up, I was wondering if any folks on here know of some content creators considering launching their own sweet sweet Netrunner 'cast.

Or if the other ANR podcasts plan on continuing.

Inquiring minds would like to know.

The OP names are not the same, but interesting that same topic came up on Reddit as well yesterday:

From my listening and also pointed out by @CryofFrustration, it’s not quite clear what RLC will do. I don’t think they’ve committed to being done after FFG is done.

I don’t think the Bad Publicity guys have said whether they’ll quit or not either. I hope they go on, though there might not be enough news for them to keep doing it every week.

I’m very much hoping Graham Carlson (I forget his username on here) of Shipment from ChiLo continues too. He hasn’t uploaded anything since the announcement, it may be it hit him hard. Been thinking about reaching out to him, but I don’t know him IRL, so if anyone here has met him in tournaments etc you might be a more appropriate person to do so than me. There will undoubtedly be fewer players around after cancellation, which means that anyone new to the game (there will still be some) will struggle to learn, since they might not be able to find players near them. Content creators like Graham who are really willing to take beginners by the hand will become a lot more valuable, so I really hope he comes back.

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Graham (@PureFlight) is great! He’s definitely still been active since the announcement on Reddit since his ChiLo buying guide has gotten a lot of attention with all players asking what should they buy multiple times a day. I’ve met Graham a few times in SE Michigan tournaments and Ohio Regionals and each time it’s been a pleasure. I too hope he continues. If he has time and desire, I’m sure the NISEI community team would love to have him involved.

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I’m seriously considering starting after support ends. My wife and I got into the game in December, and one of the ways we processed our enjoyment was to record videos for our new YouTube channel, Kitchen Table Netrunner. However, we are starting from scratch in terms of content creation (struggling to effectively edit videos), so we have hours of content, including in depth Kitara reviews, tournament guides, etc, but no posted videos. A podcast version with decent audio is a ways off. I’m hoping NISEI’s community content liaison helps share the community’s best practices and collective wisdom around production. No promises anything we make will be any good, but just wanted to let you know that there is a non-zero interest in content creation.


@tvaduva I also hope he applies for a post with NISEI, there are lots of barriers to getting into a discontinued game and someone like him would be useful. I would totally work with him on a guide of some sort to help people with that.

@LSTM Good luck getting it off the ground, and post a link here on stimhack when it happens! :slight_smile: I’m no video editing expert, the little bit I’ve done in the past (not for netrunner) was done in VirtualDubMod (mostly on principle cause I like to use open source software when I come, I’m sure there are far easier editing tools to use around these days), so i can’t help you with that. However, what you could do is hang out in the chat channels of streamers/video creators when they stream and ask them live. The Trace Five crew and Andrej from the Metropole Grid, among others, all enjoy chatting with their audience while they’re streaming, so you could just pop in during a stream and ask. Probably best after next weekend, since Worlds is coming up.

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