Durham, NC Regional July 18th 2015 - Discussion Thread

Didn’t see a thread for this yet, so I thought I’d make one.

Durham, NC Regional
July 18th, 2015
Atomic Empire
Facebook event page
Pre-registration page

Round 1 starts at 11am

No stream, but will be recorded

$15 entry, standard regional prize kit (trophy, national bye, plastic Gagarin/Kim, playmats, credit tokens, alt-art Reina)

ATL will be bringing a crew. Let the trash talk begin!


I think y’all suck, except for @hhooo. He’s my ANR spirit animal.


Last year had like 60-70 so I expect to see at least 75 there. It’s gonna be crazy.

Atomic is the home base for a lot of great Netrunners: my boy @Jage, the second-place from the SSCI; my bro @xiebelvoule, two-time Store Championship winner; and, of course yours truly, among many other great Netrunners!

You best bring your A-game, son! :wink:

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Sadly responsibility makes me a late scratch for this event. Hoping @AceJack can actually win one. (Actually I don’t so we can keep making fun of him.)

Wish it was being streamed, maybe they’ll make a decision to do it tomorrow when they see the great demand.

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Yeah, I don’t know what they’re estimating but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was 80+ tomorrow.

@hasuprotoss I’ll see if I can twist the store owner’s arm to do it…

@Spags Lend me your mighty Shaper powers, that I might at least bring home some chintzy plastic Credits, o mighty one!

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I only perform on OCTGN, my in person tells are too strong.

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Yeah, that Dick Dastardly laugh you do is a pretty big sign you just drew a Scorch… Might want to tone that down, man! LOL

Maniacal laughter as I place Batty behind Next Gold.

I’m here, along with @crfluency @hhooo @Basoon and last years champ, @dashakan, among others invading from the north. Winter is coming bitches. Your A game will not be enough. Ur base are belong to us.


It’s OK, Ahmed has assured me that he will retain the runner-up spot for Atlanta.


Good luck to all my Baltimore/DC people.


I’m here to organize bets on the over/under of how many rounds it takes before Ahmed falls asleep.


Looks like the official ATL roster is myself, @Cory_Hockman, @AceJack, @pacer, @BrzinskiBear, Michael Norman (not sure of stimhack name). And of course @Webster as honorary ATL.

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So no stream is that correct? Probably a good thing for my productivity and family interaction on a Saturday.


i have a good feeling about @AceJack

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I don’t know about players but I have a hunch we might see Quetzal’s first major tourney win today.


Should be a twitch stream like last year at atomic empire channel

Lots of people are here!

69 players. @AceJack and @pacer play round 1 after driving 6 hours together and getting 2 hours of sleep.

Gonna be hard since @Pacer swept me round 1. Sorry to disappoint @anon50033301.

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