Dutch Nationals 2017


All Netrunners are invited to take part in the Dutch Netrunner National Championships 2017. These will take place on Saturday, the 12th of August, with side events on the surrounding days to make for a weekend full of breaking into servers, stealing agendas and fun!

All info you need: http://www.NetrunnerDutchNationals.wordpress.com/

Official Facebook event: Netrunner - Dutch Nationals 2017

Visit the two links up above for the most up to date info

↳ Date: 12.08
↳ Doors open: 10.00
↳ Signin: Until 10.45
↳ First round start: 11.00

↳ TO: Elwin “Jakuza”
↳ Latest legal datapack: Free Mars.

↳ Participation: € 20,- (includes side events)
↳ Max capacity: 60 (expanded from 40).
↳ Pre registration tickets: No longer possible; sold out.

Sold out. Dutch Nationals are at max capacity.

Interested, but not pre registered players are encouraged to contact me, as a small number of seats might free up in the coming week.

Swiss rounds and the final cut will be taking place on the same day; Saturday.

We’ve chosen to host the Dutch National Championships in one of the most prolific venues of the region; the Muziekkwartier. The entire event on the 12th of August will take place in an intimate but very accommodating hall within the venue. The Muziekkwartier is based squarely in the middle of Enschede, sitting next to the trainstation and with parking opportunities within walking distance.

Location for the National Championships (12.08)

One of the halls within the Muziekkwartier. Use the Kaliber Kunstenschool entrance (Kaliber School of Arts, exact address listed below) to enter the building. You will be directed to the Netrunner National Championships.


Kaliber Kunstenschool
Willem Wilminkplein 1
7511 PG – Enschede


Who is going to the Dutch Nationals?
Will be there and hope to meet some of you there!

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I’ll be there along with a few other Brits

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Really 60 people?