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E. Kim Appreciation Thread

We’ll see.

The one counter argument here is that Whizzard is more replicable via Scrubber. Well, that and Link.

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If you can’t do enough economic damage early enough as Val you are still going to get points scored out on you behind Nisei; blackmail is strong against Ash-only remotes, which only exist now in the faction that can boot-camp rez their ice.

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I was running a list very similar to my current list out of Whizzard before O&C. Whizzard needs slightly less money and many more Imps and probably Plascrete. I think Ed and Whizzard are really close and should probably be built similarly. I don’t really understand how you can be a fan of Whizzard and not of Ed.

I considered all the Anarch IDs for my build. I think the alternatives are Whizzard, Val (+ obvious Val tech and draw for the 5 extra cards), Reina, Noise, MaxX, Quetzal in about that order. (Anarch IDs are really good!).

Yeah, Blackmail isn’t the end all to remote play, but it does put an end to corps cozily rezzing Sundews and Adonis’s early behind light ice. Anarchs are the faction without SMC or Inside Job. Val’s Blackmails make the corps jump through more hoops before making the early remote plays that Ed would need money, a tutor/breaker in hand to deal with.

I’m skeptical of Ed because his ability doesn’t compensate for Anarch clunkiness at all. Val has her Blackmail and some built in econ, and Whizzard can at least go broke installing a breaker, running, and still be able to trash that Adoni’s or Sundew.

I guess you have to be really excited about denying operations to like Ed. If you could do so regularu early, then he would be powerful, but the corp has to have a weak start for that. Ed seems like he should have a 40-card minimum, 17 influence, or the once per turn restriction on his ability lifted to be on par with the other Anarch IDs.

Ok I’m going to be frank with you, a couple things you said are pretty ignorant (no offense of course!)-

The Corp has to have a weak start for you to matter- what? If you do not rez you are rolling the die on turning on my ability on a central. If you do rez, terrific, you’re down on credits and I’m not. Whizzard gives you credits to trash assets, something any runner in the game can do, but he gains an economic advantage on that front.

A single access with Kim on a central is more threatening than Whizzard, period. The ONLY card Kim cannot remove from R&D on access is ice.

Your bias against playing Kim (I’ve seen you go on about it in multiple threads :P) will keep you in an ignorance bubble unless you really spend some on it, which you may not care to do as a Whizzard player :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR- Kim and Whizzard are not built the same or played the same any more than Kate and Chaos Theory are.

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Can we just agree that both are rubbish and that everyone playing anarch should just play Maxx, noise, Reina or valencia? That’s 4 time the amount of viable ID compared to Shaper and 2 time compared to crim.


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When you win nationals I’ll listen :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait for the french / Dutch / Belgian national then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Has anyone got a Kim deck with a decent win-rate in any serious competition yet?

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I went 5-1 at (64 player) Oxford Regionals with Kim. My Corp was a mediocre 3-3 so I missed the Cut by 1 game. But Kim did just fine.

Edit: Beat Store Champions, London Regionals Top 8 and last year’s Nationals Top 16 players with my Kim deck.


Was your list the same as the one you posted in this thread previously?

Yes. 10 char

My achievement list is smaller; took 2nd and 3rd at two store champs (likewise both due to mediocre Cori performances) with 4 - 1 Kim both times, 5th playing in the Stimhack Qualifier (highest SoS in the tournament!), and over the weekend 2nd at the GLC Qualifier in Ohio. Going to regionals this weekend, hoping to prove myself :slight_smile:


Just getting off work. I’ve played Kim and played against Kim, and I don’t think getting operations trashed from centrals is that devastating. Whizzard trashing a Jackson or Ash for free (which is a huge deal early #tempo) is almost as bad as Ed hitting an econ op.

I actually agree with Calimisha that both Whizzard and Kim are underpowered, but it seems Whizzard is better overall. I also think Ed and Whizzard are much more similar than CT and Kate, so much so that their builds are almost interchangeable. I’m sure you’ve thought about it a lot, and I do respect your opinion. How should their builds differ?

It’s odd, because I’ve had the exact opposite experience- may I ask what Corp deck you were playing with’?

Imps and Plascrete are more necessary is Whizzard. Scrubber is needed in Kim.

Also, Gravedigger Whizzard doesn’t translate well to Kim - which makes sense.

More broadly speaking, Whizzard is better suited to long term control, and Kim to immediate aggression.

I’ve played against Kim as NEH and RP. Losing a biotic out of hand and a Hedge out of R&D as NEH. Still won handily. As RP I remember a giraffe getting hit out of R&D that hurt, but I was still able to ride a Sundew to safety.

I really don’t get the heavy threat Ed poses. I won’t hold econ in hand, and I don’t play that many ops that matter otherwise. I can live without a Biotic as NEH, and I can spam assets pretty well againt Kim for money. Kim probably does well against butcher shop, but often not well enough to avoid death, and that’s a tier 2 Corp anyhow

RP has its Sundews that it can set up easily against slow ass Kim, so it can live with a couple less Hedges and Gifts, and losing the Interns hardly matters.

Haas glacier usually runs 3 Hedge and an Archived; Kim’s about blank there. Rushy Haas with Clearances may get annoyed, but it still has Adonises that it can roll pretty easy against Kim. Losing Biotics is also okay, as remote play is easiest against Kim, a reg breaker Anarch with absolutely no innate ability to speed up the installation of his rig.

Blue Sun may be the most affected, both Bootcamp and kill. Only corp that habitually holds operations in HQ, and Oversight/Curtain is a pretty big econ boost. Blue Sun is the weakest of the elite corps though, so whooptey do.

Crossbrained, Gravedigger sucks worse than Hemorrhage, and Scrubber is too slow in Kim when you need econ slots to pay for card draw, tutors, and installing 3 breakers. I don’t think Kim is more aggressive than Whizzard because he doesn’t threaten naked or lightly defended assets as well. As for centrals, once they’re iced, it’s scary to face plant these days. You don’t want to be face checking Architects as Kim.

No. Scrubber plus Inject is plenty of speed. I challenge you to keep Sundew on the table for 2 turns against me without leaving a central wide open for punishment.

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This is incorrect in my opinion. You have enough recursion and redundancy that you can face check ICE. If you’re Shaper you look for an SMC, if you’re Criminal find a Faerie, if you’re anarch you use your grim resolve and the fact you aren’t too smart. Architect is ok so long as you can deal with the consequences. Don’t install your console and run without any programs installed into a cortex lock. But don’t wait until you have a mimic and a sucker with a counter either.

Edit: Obviously this isn’t a universal truth and depends on the construction of your deck. But my most successful Anarch decks are ones which are happy to charge at ice.


What punishment? The death of a baby Giraffe? I have a Sundew working.

I play Inject/reg breaker decks with Whizzard and Val a lot. It’s no walk in the park challenging asset econ behind gear check ice even with their tools, especially against RP where you risk face planting a Crick, Cortex, or a Grail without the proper breaker.

It won’t be any easier with Ed who has no Blackmail and who has had to pay 2 clicks and 2 credits to install Scrubber.

Anyhow, throw me up a Kim list and I’ll try it on the league this weekend. Also let’s jump in a game if we see each other. I’m up for having my RP humiliated if I’m wrong.

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Is this thread really devolving into people telling stories about the times they beat Ed Kim