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Eater decks doomed against Crisium Grid?

So people have been talking about using Eater with Keyhole, Wanton Destruction and other access replacement cards. It just came to mind that with Eater only, there’s no way to access a Crisium Grid to trash it.

Did anyone else figure out a solution to this or is that a fatal flaw for Eater only decks?

I don’t think Eater only decks can ever be successful. Cards like Wraparound and Swordsman will just be too disruptive for them, and in addition to Crisium, any upgrade will be a problem. Could you imagine dealing with a Caprice that you could never trash, even if you win the Psi Game? And Caprice is hardly some card that only shows up in specialty decks like Crisium is.

All these decks will need additional tools, even if it’s only to get into Archives and end the game. A backup Crypsis or some other breakers.


Click Click Boom.


You are treating it the way you “know” the game “should” be played.

Caprice isn’t like ash, even if they seem similar. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse. If you think caprice is going to be an issue, maybe you should create the scenario with Eater where it is worse.

Accessing archives isn’t the only way to win if the agendas are there. You can’t score from archives.

Maybe you have to fit the playstyle to the card to make it work, rather than than assume the playstyle you have now has to work with the new cards.

Sorry, but your ramblings make no sense.


I don’t “kmow” how eater will function one way or another. But it looks to me that an Eater harbinger deck may well be successful especially in a noise mil deck.

That said I don’t think Eater is meant to be a replacement other breakers.

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I definitely think Eater is a great card that will see success, I just don’t think you can rely on it as your only breaker.

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