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End The Run - Netrunner Flatlined - Critical Twits Podcast the last?

Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We’ve just got into Netrunner in a big way and we’re chronicling our misadventures in podcast form. Two of us are tournament veterans and two of us are complete beginners - so each veteran is tutoring a noob and hoping to turn them, Mr Miyagi-style, into a tournament-winning powerhouse by Christmas. We hope you can join us for our first podcast, which starts with a run-through of Netrunner, why it appeals to us, and the kind of approaches we’re looking to take. Thanks for clicking!

The podcast is here!


I thought this was pretty great - its refreshing to hear people getting into the game even at this stage to liven up the old hand’s jaded opinions.

Some responses on the content

  1. Publishing netrunnerdb decks has the front page issue of a lot of social media platforms - if it falls off the recent decks before anyone comments on it it’ll pretty much lost forever ;). To reliably get feedback posting stuff in the reddit or on here (most deck archetypes/IDs have their own threads) is probably a surer bet.
  2. You can share netrunnerdb decks with your mates without publishing them. In your user profile if you click ‘share your decks’ you can just send people direct links to the ‘view’ page.
  3. Jinteki.net has had an incredible amount of work put into it in the near year since facechecks 50 minute video. Its much smoother and more functional (so much that no one really uses OCTGN any more).

Thank you for listening, we really appreciate it. Thanks as well for the tips, we’ll definitely be sharing our decks as we go along, and I’m up for any help that’ll assist me in beating Aaron! I’ve signed up for Jinteki.net as well, so we’re going to try and get some games in with listeners on there if people are interested.

Hey everyone, the new episode is up, but that’s not all: we also have our first actual play video and our fan-made trailer for the game as well.

The podcast continues following Aaron and Brian’s noob journey into Netrunner, and we talk tips, tactics, favourite cards, and the idea (taken from Run Last Click) that you need to play 100 games with a deck to have a chance of winning tournaments with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqB9qddwNf0

We also have our first actual play video, with Brian’s brand new Argus deck having a run out against Joe’s Apex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzoZuF2w0z4

And finally, our technical officer Jamie created a fan-made trailer for the game which we liked so much we forced him to upload it and share it (hoping some of the glory would reflect back onto the rest of us): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkI99B-Hjtk

Thanks for checking us out, all feedback is welcome!

Hi all! Brian from the Twits here - due to technical malfunctions we had to miss an episode but finally, our new installment is here. Aaron couldn’t make it along so Brian went off to 2016’s Charity Gift tournament without him, for his first ever tournament experience! We’d just also like to take a second to thank Richard Hammond (not that one) for organising the tourny, which raised a load of money for sick children. Who said everything fun was bad for you?

You can listen in on YouTube or Soundcloud, as you desire.

Hey all, latest podcast is up - the culmination of all our work so far as Aaron and Brian go to the Store Championship at the Hobbit Hole in Chatteris to determine our podcast Netrunner champion. We had a great time, met some lovely people, and one of our contenders managed to make the top 4 cut with some rather unlikely decks. To find out who you’ll have to click below!

Hey all - we’re back! We’ve decided to take what we’ve learnt over the last six months or so and help out our fellow noobs with a series of beginner’s guides for each faction. We started with Jinteki, and the result is below. We’d love to know what you think!

Hello! Our latest episode is on Terminal Directive (surprise, surprise!) - but we decided to focus on demystifying the expansion for beginners, without spoiling anything. Let us know what you think!

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A new episode! We were super lucky to interview some great netrunners at the Euros - we chat to Run Last Click, Teamwork Cast, Dan D’Argenio and Kenny Deakins.


Also, I forgot to tell you about our Terminal Directive guide podcast, aimed at new players. Oops! Here it is!

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We bring you our Netrunner European Championship 2017 report, the first time one of the Twits has taken part in a “Premier” Fantasy Flight Event. We also interview one of the unsung heroes of the Netrunner community, Tournament Organiser Michael Coop, who gives us the sCoop (geddit?) on what it takes to run such a prestigious event. We just hope he enjoyed trashing the event after it was played.

Why is this a video when there is no video content? And it’s actually only a podcast.

A) Because we run a gaming channel with actual videos, so it’s nice to keep everything in the same place.
B) A YouTube video is really easy to embed, unlike most podcast distribution sites.
C) We’re by no means the only people who do this.

Sorry if it seems dishonest, that’s not our intention, we just wanted a way to get the thing to people as easily as possible. Our podcast-only site lives at Soundcloud.com/criticaltwits

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Hey all! We’ve only been playing a year so we can’t give the full, in-depth rotation experience with tales of when mighty cards such as Jackson Howard and Woodcutter were new. What we can offer is a Noob’s guide to rotation and a feeling of what we, as new players, think about the changes. Hope you enjoy!


We’re back again, discussing Core 2.0 in a noob-friendly way. Enjoy!

2 episodes in 2 weeks? It must be because Netrunner has gone absolutely mad this last month or so. Hope you enjoy our take on MWL 2.0!

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Netrunner has been cancelled and we are lost, adrift in the data stream, jacked out and wondering what will feed our endless hunger for our favourite game. We also talk Euros and why I hate L5R. Thanks everyone out there for building an awesome community and supporting our little podcast.


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