Ending the Spin (Cycle)

Read up on the 2nd article I prepared for the rotation of the cycles that will be happening in 2017. This time, talking about the cards included in the Spin Cycle!

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Once again a huge thank you for all your comments and feedback. It makes me enjoy writing so much more (of my silly) stuff when I see so much interest!


Oh Caprice, I miss you already


I seriously cannot wait for Caprice to rotate. Sometimes I wish they were more honest and just made the PSI games involve rolling a d6 and if you roll a 1-2 you get in.

there’s more to it than luck.


I think many people with this sentiment are going to eat their words. Caprice has basically been carrying Jinteki scoring strategies on her back since her release. Her rotation could easily prove problematic if we don’t receive some new glacier support.

You have no idea how many people I’ve played against who just roll a dice and not look at it to determine their bids for PSI games.

Heck, one person at a Regionals I went to had a dice cup and was using that to roll and conceal their bid. Now it’s just a coin flip to whether I actually bid correctly, how am I supposed to read anything into those?

Honestly, I think she wouldn’t be so bad if she would just say that you couldn’t access any cards other than her for the run, and then have a higher trash cost.

Batty can eat a massive slice of dick, though. 1 in 3 chance of getting your rig wiped if Ichi/anything that trashes programs is on the board and whoops that’s probably game.

Seeing as I couldn’t care about Jinteki’s well being (being a Weyland Man), I am totally okay with them getting the hose. :smiley: Now if only it’d gimp NBN somehow…

Man you’re getting mind gamed by people rolling dice. I roll a die but never use it, it’s mostly just a gut shot based on my opponent, our credits, and how important it is. It’s all yomi.

If you’re sure your opponent is selecting their bid randomly, then always bid zero. Your odds will be just as good as any other bid, and you’ll save credits. Plus, hopefully your regular opponents will start to realize that they can do better than random against you, and they’ll be lured away from their dice, and then you’ll have more interesting psi games where you might be the one who does better than random.


I agree with all the above statements about PSI games not being entirely luck.

My entire game strategy has been based on how to play effective psi games through Nisei Division. I’ve even written articles about it. The art that goes into playing a good psi game is huge and although there are people with dice, you should always rely on your ability to try and guess correctly what your opponent will be bidding.

Caprice has indeed protected way too much and although it will be healthy for the game to see her go, there will be indeed a huge gap for protection tools once she’s out. Both her and Ash will be gone and even though you’d say that Rumor Mill would have already ruined them, they were still the only true protection we ever had ever since ICE became so easy to break through.

Although a huge fan of Caprice, I find her ability to keep people out for turns after turns without get trashed herself, a bit disgusting. We need more cards with psi games that are not just straight up end the run in my opinion since all the fancy effects are what make the game interesting.

Psi games are much deeper than luck.

The #2 sign that I’m playing against a player better than me is that they attempt to get into the Caprice server cheap and trash her even when there’s not an agenda on the line. (#1 is that they kill my econ assets)


That’s the main thing I don’t want happening to me after I score an agenda worth caprice, but people are always too scared to try. I try, and succeed often. THIS is how you play against caprice.