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ETA on Order & Chaos?

Have a Store Championship on Saturday and would love to get some practice in. @db0

If you got some deck ideas I’d be game to playtest with you using proxy cards. I’ve been itching to suss out the new meta myself.

(unless you’re also working on secret tech for the league, that is :stuck_out_tongue:)

ETA announcements are posted here :wink:


Thanks for the offer @bblum but I think there are just too many cards to manually do.

Order and Chaos is on OCTGN. :slight_smile:


Indeed it is!


MaxX seems to be broken. She draws and mills on both the corp and runner turn.

Just like Earthrise was at first :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed! Sometimes these things slip by when I feverishly finish hacking it at 2:30 am so I can get it out for your weekened before I go to sleep and then overtime work for the next 12 hours :wink:


Totally appreciate what you do @db0, and I’m actually going to start being a patron of yours! :smile:

I’ll also second that MaxX is broken, as she triggers on both the corp and the runner turn. Also, we really need logs for the 2 cards that are trashed on her turn. Otherwise everyone has to “Look At” the heap, which really slows things down.

There are also still bugs when accessing cards in a remote. Almost like you access and steal/trash before you take control of the card (I think?).

You don’t have to take control anymore. What kind of bug are you getting?

Some agendas scored from remotes score face-down and have to be exposed to be seen in the score area. The next HQ run then accesses that agenda with an error message.


What @bayushi_david said.

I’m obviously wrong on my guess about control, but maybe the fact that I’m not supposed to take control as a runner, but I end up doing it anyway. I’ve seen that when accessing an upgrade/asset that the runner doesn’t trash. In order to rez that card as a Corp next turn I’ll have to “take control” first.

@db0, let me know if you wanna hop on a game to try and replicate. I’m pretty good at finding/replicating perfection bugs.

Johny, that has been fixed now. Control doesn’t change at all, so you shouldn’t need to take control anymore.

How about when scoring agendas? The runner should take control at that point, right?

Yes, the agenda scoring script should be passing control. Doesn’t it?

I believe it works sometimes, but not consistently.

If you can give me some details on when it doesn’t work, it’ll help

So yeah, editing what I earlier said so that it makes sense: sometimes MaxX’s ability fires on the corp’s turn instead of her own. It seems to happen most often at the beginning of games, and corrects itself after a few turns, but there’s no indication what causes it or what fixes it, if anything.

In one game today out of five, it actually started correctly, but then switched to fire on the corp’s turn for one turn, then worked correctly two turns later.

When it fires on the corp’s turn, it does not fire on her own turn, so it’s not double-activating anymore, but it still occasionally is on the wrong turn.