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Euregio Championship VI, 13th Novembre 2016, Aachen, Germany

The 6th Android Netrunner Euregio Championship 2016 will take place on the 13th of Novembre 2016 on the W3: das Wilde Würfelwagnis in Aachen, Germany.

Organizer: Zwobot

Date: Sunday, 13.11.2016

Location: Nizzaallee 20, 52072 Aachen, Germany

Format: Swiss, 5 to 7 rounds and Top 3 Cut

Registration for players 9:00 till 9:30, Starting time first round 10:00. End of Tournament approx. 18.30, then award ceremony.

Registration :
Please sign up by sending an e-mail with the subject “Registration Netrunner Euregio VI” to Euregio-V@universalamateur.net . I need your name, surname, e-mail and mobile number. Additionally you can decide on an Alias, else we take your name and the first letter of your family name when we publish the results and the participation list.

The starting fee will be 10€ on site. Registration will secure a slot.

By signing up, attendees comply with the publication of their names (in the format described above), decklists and photographs from the tournament.

Tournament Rules:
We will play according to Android: Netrunner core set rulebook, effective FAQ and Floor Rules (Competitive Event Tournament Play Tier) by FFG.

Every participant must bring one legal tournament deck for runner and corp, not dividable typewritten decklists of those with his or her name on it, a set official Android: Netrunner tokens. Cardpool: Everything released until the 11.11.2016, preparation posts will be made on this site and in this post

Language: All allowed

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Would love to come to Aachen, but no time this weekend! Hopefully next Year in Essen!


Need to defend my title, right? ^^


Just to check: Is that e-mail adres correct?

Euregio-V@universalamateur.net is the correct email address

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More questions! :wink:

  1. Latest legal pack? Or basically: Is Intervention legal?
  2. Places left?

Not coming myself, but a few from our meta are heading that way.


The last legal pack is Intervention, and there are 6 places left.

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Some Enschede players haven’t received confirmation, so just checking to be sure if the following are registered (mail also sent) ?

  • Jason Wilson
  • Gijs de Goeijen
  • Michiel van Oosterwijk
  • Wouter (of which I actually forgot the last name :wink: )


Did not get mails for this, but now they are registered and very welcome on Sunday in Aachen.

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Maze will be bringing some secret promo stuff from our local meta again. If you need more than what’s being brought; let me know.