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Eurogrid.net, Europe's community-platform!

We would like to welcome you all to: Eurogrid.net

The platform/website for all European Netrunner players (and more) that will provide you with information on many things Netrunner community related for many countries all over Europe!

TOs and Head Judges from all over Europe have worked together to create a go-to platform for anyone that is trying to find places to play Netrunner in Europe and many more other things!

We are in the Beta phase, so by all means, let us know if you find any problems. Also, if your country is not included, we are still accepting representatives from countries to include more! (It’s never too late, it will keep on being updated)



“Tips from the pros section”:

Chat with people when their games are done all you want, but please do not interfere with games when rounds are being timed. Especially not at Nationals…


Ok then, point made. :slight_smile: