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Eurohype 2017: Crisps v. Chips - by Spags

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/eurohype-2017-crisps-v-chips-by-spags/

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I find the lack of “playmat strategy” questions disturbing. Surely someone will bring a playmat that will dazzle their opponents into stupor and timed losses.

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Soldiers of Gondor from that one 2013 LOTR GNK. Only option.

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What you want to do is bring a heap of playmats, stacked so high that you have to stand for your game. Your opponent is likely not used to standing for so long, so you can slowly attrition them while also tilting their mind.


This is op : you can even use those to drink beers afterwards, and in case of rare losses, act like no game took place there whatsoever.