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[Europe] Regionals & Nationals 2018


Like last year I would like to collect the Regionals & Nationals Events for 2019. When you have updates and links I’m happy to include them into the first post.
Rules no link to pages that are not accessible without an account.

18-Aug, UK, Regional, Bromley
18-Aug, Denmark, Regional, Aarhus
18 - 19-Aug, Germany, Regional, Berlin (incl. KOS)
25-Aug, Sweden, Regional, Örebro
25-Aug, Germany, Regional, Hamburg
25 - 26-Aug, UK, Nationals, Birmingham
31-Aug - 2-Sep, Germany, Nationals, Düsseldorf (incl. KOS & Cache Refresh)

1-Sep, Austria, Regional, Vienna
1 - 2-Sep, Sweden, Hägersten, Nordic Nationals
7 - 9-Sep, USA, Worlds
8 - 9-Sep, Poland, Nationals, Wrocław
21 - 23-Sep, Belgium, Nationals, Antwerp

30-Jun, Czechia, Regional, Brno
30-Jun, UK, Regional, Preston
1-Jul, UK, Regional Manchester
1-Jul, Italy, Regional, Genoa
7-Jul, Sweden, Regional, Halmstad
8-Jul, Belgium, Regional, Antwerpen
14-Jul, Slovakia, Regional, Bratislava
14-Jul, Sweden, Regional, Stockholm
14-Jul, Germany, Regional, Nürnberg
14-Jul, UK, Regional, Brighton
15-July, Italy, Regional, Padova (near Venice)
21-Jul, UK, Regional, Derby
21-Jul, Germany, Regional, Bochum
21-Jul, Poland, Regional, Katowice
22-Jul, Italy, Regional, Torneo
22-Jul, Germany, Regional, Kassel
28-Jul, Germany, Regional, Ulm
28-Jul, UK, Regional, Lanark
28-Jul, Finland, Regional, Helsinki
28 - 29-Jul, UK, Regional, Swansea
29-Jul, UK, Regional, Stockport

4-Aug, Poland, Regional, Warszawa
4-Aug, UK, Regional, Sheffield
4-Aug, UK, Regional, London
5-Aug, Netherlands, Regional, Enschede
11-Aug, Switzerland, Regional, Zürich
11-Aug, Sweden, Regional, Varberg
11-Aug, UK, Regional, Aldershot
12-Aug, Netherlands, Regional, Den Haag


Here are the other UK regionals & nationals. Most of them are not yet on ABR but I have linked to the store pages where possible. All the regionals are also on Facebook as events for those who use that (should be easy to search).

1-Jul UK, Regional, Manchester
14-Jul UK, Regional, Brighton
28-Jul, UK, Regional, Lanark
28 - 29-Jul, UK, Regional, Swansea
29-Jul, UK, Regional, Stockport
4-Aug, UK, Regional, Sheffield
4-Aug, UK, Regional, London
11-Aug, UK, Regional, Aldershot
18-Aug, UK, Regional, Bromley
25 - 26-Aug, UK, Nationals, Birmingham


I’ve noticed the topic thread says 2019 instead of 2018, woops!

I want to try to go to some of these, specially Germany Nationals. Any tips or places to discuss it? :slight_smile:


Corrected it to 2018 :wink:

German Nats be welcome to join, you can discuss here, in the Asmodee Forum which is mainly German, the germany slack or send a PM.


15 july, Regional Italy, Padova (near Venice)


Added Padova and Vienna on 11-Aug.


Added Helsinki 28-Jul & Hamburg 25-Aug


22nd of July, Torneo, Italy.


added and really happy to see ANR back in Italy!


Yeah, it was a great year, but unfortunate that its resurgence here occurred right before the end of official ANR =(

We also had a regional in Genoa on July 1st, if you want that for the records.


Yeah totally agree bad timing to discontinue a game. But perhaps a chance for us!

Added Italy 1-Jul
Added Poland Katiwice 21-Jul
Added Denmark Aarhus 18-Aug


5-Aug, Netherlands, regional, Enschede
21 -23-Sep, Belgium, Nationals, unknown location


Belgian Nationals will be in Antwerp form 21-23 September (swiss starts on 22).
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/237358806877210/


12-Aug, Netherlands, Regional, Den Haag

added link to Enschede


Added Nordics 1 & 2-Sep


Nationals Poland:

(ABR event just added and under approval, guess it will be active later today)


Dutch Nationals of 2018 pre-registration and full event information for all 3 days is now up.

Facebook Event

Pre-registration Link (Password: NetrunnerNati0nals2018)