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Everything is Maw-some - Worlds 2017 Hype Preview

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/worlds17hype/

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LOL at tagging the article with ‘maw’.

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I don’t think CI deserves to be banned. If there’s a problem card there, it’s VLC.

CI has often enabled the most degenerate combos (e.g. Power Shutdown Diagnostics) because of being able to hold so many combo pieces in hand.

A reason I hope CI doesn’t get banned is what HB would have remaining:

  • Custom Biotics (Unplayable, 7 extra inf with a downside is garbage)
  • Cybernetics Division (Tier 2, arguably not even the best id for brain damage)
  • Architects of Tomorrow (Likely the next in line of succession, but tends to constrict deckbuilding in addition to only having 12 inf; new “jackson tax”?)
  • Stronger Together (Tier 2 at best, especially with Yog and eli 1 out)
  • NEXT Design (Essentially unplayable, especially with 12 inf)
  • Seidr (Potentially strong, but probably not there yet. Trigger condition is too difficult.)
  • Foundry (Another tier 2 at best id. Grail isn’t great, especially against turtle. Twins combo is in decent spot without parasite and with brainstorm, but has always been pretty janky. Derez is also a problem.

tl;dr: Banned CI = Every tier 1 HB is Architects of Tomorrow with the same small set of ice.


Nice articel love to read them every year. And especially this year to compare it to Chris article from the same day: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/23/climbing-the-corporate-ladder/

I think the nice thing beside the combo thing is, that CI is not suffering from Agenda flood as all other corps are as long as you are not striked. 5 Agendas in hand? It’s ok beside the other 7 cards and the runner won’t know…


Yeah, many CI decks at the moment don’t even WANT to be CI, they just have no reason to take any of the other IDs. If they printed some halfway decent IDs, then CI usage would go way down.


Yes. We all agree with this. It’s not happening.

SO, we either live in a CI world, and be happy HB is happy, or we don’t.

Or if Information Sifting suddenly became a good card… :stuck_out_tongue:


There might have been a very strong asset spam deck based around Ronald 5 if Estelle wasn’t restricted, Jackson hadn’t rotated, and Friends, Clone Suffrage, and Sensie hadn’t been outright banned… :stuck_out_tongue: I think we’re only one recursion card away from such a deck being decent though, so let’s see what comes out. FRIENDSHIP UPGRADED IS MAGIC!

What do you miss from Jinteki in HB : Snares?
Now Caprice got shot, I’m sure this one is worse than Mr +0-5 clicks 12 inf Next design that cost 10 inf to the build and lots of slots that could be clic positive cards instead in comparison?

Brain T&B, maybe ? Prison FA ? Both ?

I think you’re saying the downside isn’t much of a downside with the current cardpool, which I agree with. But more importantly, the upside of 7 extra influence isn’t much of an upside.

There is no big inf card combo that wouldn’t justify playing a blank ID wth cards in x3 ? Like 3x (Victoria Jenkins / MCA / Whampoa then add ELPs & Bioroids) or whatever else better idea ?

So far, no.

That sounds awful. Remember the runner gets points for trashing her.

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Yeah, I know this is terrible. Since she’s unique, I was thinking about playing wack-a-mole, hahaha.