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NEH will make way more servers than Exile will recur cards from his graveyard.
Most shaper decks only have 3 clone chips to reccur parasite, NEH plays 13 cards that will always draw them cards, and also has 3 biotics to make the astro’s and beale also draw cards for them.

The big difference is that creating a server is a common activity, while playing something from the discard isn’t

It wasn’t really a common activity until NEH came along. Before that NBN was using an operation based economy. People adapted their decks to get the most benefit out of NEH’s passive card draw. If you are playing Exile, you should be doing the same ie scavenging femme to move counters or cyber cypher to move it to another server. Clone chip parasites. Scavenging imps to reload them. I can usually get about 7-9 passive card draw a game with Exile.

Baiting but I’ll bite. I am a fan of Exile, but I wouldn’t argue he is better than any Anarch ID currently out.


Of reina/Whizzard/Quetzel what anarch is better than this deck against NEH or RP?
Exile Midrange (45 cards)

Exile: Streethawk

Event (14)
3 Diesel
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Modded
2 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (11)
3 Astrolabe
3 Clone Chip
2 HQ Interface
3 R&D Interface

Resource (7)
3 Daily Casts
2 Kati Jones
2 Personal Workshop

Icebreaker (4)
3 Atman
1 Inti

Program (9)
3 Datasucker
3 Parasite
3 Self-modifying Code

Even though the list only contains 3 clone chips as ways of triggering exile, simply being a 45/15 shaper identity with 1 link is enough on its own to be strong. Identies are vastly overrated IMO, faction is way way more important than Idenity in power level.
My idenity ranking goes

  1. Andy
  2. Noise
    3 gabe
    4 Ken
    5 Silouette
    6 Iain? (might be lower)
    7 Kate
    8 Chaos theory
    9 Kit
    10 Nasir
    11 Exile
    12 Whizzard
    13 Quetzal
    14 Reina
    15 The professor

With most decks identitys are pretty minor, the lone exception is noise, Noise gets to be a cut above his own faction, a noise deck is much less an “anarch” deck and much more a “noise milling juice machine” Exile however is another shaper, and can play the exact same deck that a Kate player plays, with the addition of personal workshop since PW is weaker in kate, despite being a very strong card.

I agree with you. I think ID’s are over rated as well. I could be wrong though.

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That is one controversial rating list. But perhaps let’s move this to another thread? “Ranking the Runners” or something

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Kate #7?! You crazy, bro?

I bit the bullet today and freed up some influence to put 3x inject. This card seems tailor made for Exile as it speeds up his game substantially which is normally his main drawback. Once Lady comes out I think this deck will be really good. Have any of you guys tried out inject? and if so how have you found it?

Whiz at #12 leaves me hard-pressed to believe you know what you’re talking about. Especially now that NBN is at the top of their game, Weyland has a super-hard-to-trash, super-annoying upgrade (and an identity tailor-made to abuse Adonis), Jinteki is spamming Clinics, Sundews and Ronins left and right, and HB has Eliza to keep their Adonises and Eves company.

p.s. And if we go the whole “IDs are overrated, faction is what matters” route, I’d argue that with the release of Blue Sun, Shapers obviously overtook Criminals as the best runner faction by more than a horse length.


If you only trigger exiles I’d 3 times, quit playing exile. There are 12 cards that trigger it. Play all of them, or at least 9. Otherwise play Kate.

That exile deck makes me sad, it would be 200% better as Kate. Looking over your rankinga I was confused and sure you were wrong, and now seeing how you build around the ID I can see why you value them so oddly.

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There are 5 cards that let you install programs from your heap. 3 green 2 red.

I think homeless Kasparov has a place, that engine is good once it gets going.

I’m not convinced by retrieval run in exile.

The big problem exile has is that Kate fires every time he does. It’s really hard to make him do enough work. (Kate could have - gain 1c the first time/when you install prog/hardware from your grip. Then exile would have a place in the world.)

As such. Exile is probably consigned to the cool but not competitive tier. This is an important thing for a game to have.

Not entirely true on Kate, Kate’s discount only fires on the first program or Hardware installed per turn. Exile has no per turn limitation.

I also can be pedantic. If I pull out my exile deck I can show you 9 cards that directly trigger his ability.

Also, what is the second red card besides the second copy of retrieval run?

Also test run and scavenge (sometimes) use her ability without the actual benefit. I would venture to guess I use exiles draw more often than most people actually use the discount effect.

He means 5 unique cards, so 15 copies maximum.

3 green—Test Run, Scavenge, Clone Chip—and 2 red—Retrieval Run and Pawn.

Ah yes I barely count pawn. I know what he meant but i feel like it was obvious what meant too. I do think with 1 more tutor pawn engine might work in exile.

The not limited to once per turn is an important distinction. I think Kate benefits from scavenge if you ‘trade up’ but you’re right, it’s quite easy to waste her ability. I however don’t believe you use exile more than you would use Kate if you simply swapped the IDs though.

The reason Kate is so good is she has such tempo early game. Exile, and to a lesser extent even Andy chug a bit out of the gate.

Don’t get me wrong I love exile, he’s interesting and promotes a play style that makes me smile. I just think if I’m really 100% trying to win I’d play those cards with Kate not Exile.

I tend to agree with you that all things equal Kate is better. The great thing about Kate is she doesn’t need any special cards printed to make her ability good whereas identities like Exile and Noise do. I’m Hopeful that inject does for Exile what cache did for noise. It is really a great card to help speed up his game.

That’s not what “strictly” means. I would agree that he’s worse overall, but there are some cases in which Exile is better.


Not to mention, he triggers EVERY time, which is insanely powerful. I think he is basically right on track as ~year behind Noise. Noise had a janky gimicky build that was really powerful in a limited cardpool, but as it expanded, that build floundered, and it was easy to compare him 1:1 to other anarchs and see that he was worse. Now, he’s really hitting a stride, with a cool economy engine and a spectrum of how aggressive he has to play–all while corroding the corp’s R&D, basically for free.


I hope you’re right. As I said earlier Exile is cool. Maybe Inject really is the missing piece. I think one more recursion card for 1 inf/shaper would help a lot. I’ll keep going back and giving him a go. I maintain, if you want a competitive deck you do have to try your Exile deck with a Kate ID just to make sure!