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Express delivery has been a lot better than I thought it would be

Topic says it all, but I feel like this will be an entirely valid card in both criminal and anarch (until inject is available). It doesn’t give you bulk cards to avoid damage, but it does dig a lot. Yes, you can draw normally, but if you only really care about seeing sneakdoor/desperado/parasite/personal workshop, and you don’t have the influence to bring in the right tutor, this is a decent substitute. It works well with quality time as well, as it digs you into the first quality time (often an issue in the anarch quality time decks).

Definitely worth trying out, if need be I can post lists where I’d run it. In general, if you really rely on a console or hard to tutor program, this is good


I suppose it does cover an Anarch weakness. Wouldn’t you run 3 Quality Time first though? Then you have to compare it to Diesel where I think it only comes out ahead on influence. I think I’d like the card quite a bit more if you trashed the other three cards. As is, the three you didn’t want are still sitting in your deck.

Yes, you run the three quality time first.

3 influence (set of diesel vs set of delivery) is a big deal, especially for anarch. Gabe running it to dig for sneakdoor and desperado in faction would be the other main use.

Getting 3 more cards out would be nice, but the shuffle is still pretty good. This is a gross oversimplification of it, but the odds of drawing 1 card out 33 cards are within 1% of the odds of drawing 1 card out of 30 until you start drawing heavily.