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Favorite Runner ID-Poll round 1!


Time to see who the favorite runner is in town! Just vote for your favorite one, whatever favorite means to you.

  • Whizzard
  • Express

0 voters

  • Edward Kim
  • Ian Stirling

0 voters

  • Professor
  • Geist

0 voters

  • Reina Roja
  • Exile

0 voters

  • Apex
  • Quetzal

0 voters

  • Null
  • Gabe

0 voters

  • Adam
  • Kit

0 voters

  • Nasir Meidan
  • Valencia

0 voters

  • Silhouette
  • Leela

0 voters

  • Jesminder
  • Chaos Theory

0 voters

  • MaxX
  • Nero Severn

0 voters

  • Andromeda
  • Noise

0 voters

Byes were determined randomly. Round 1 voting closes when it closes :stuck_out_tongue: (in other words when I have time to make the second round)


We should artificially get some ID to win, like Fisk or Exile. :smiley:


I nominate the Professor.


MaxX versus Nero? At least give my girl a challenge.


should pair same factions ID together


Oh oh! We should go campaign on Reddit or some other board for votes for our ID to skew the results and make all the Stimhack regulars upset that it’s not a real ID and that we hijacked their popularity contest!


Too soon, BGG? :wink:


I would rather this poll were done with ICE (one poll for each of the three types)


I’ll do that next once this is done!


Gotta agree with Soto. Also, what are the criteria here? Favorite ID in a vacuum, or within the reality of the game? I feel that most people will vote what they play most, which means the competitive IDs will end up winning. That’s not necessarily indicative of our ‘favorite’ IDs IMO


Andromeda v. Noise is a tough first round matchup. This is why we do double elim cuts, people.


Good to see Ken make a swift first round exit. Ken fanboys are annoying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll fight you :rage:


I dunno; a lot of people play IG, but I doubt that very many would consider it their “favorite”


1 vote for Maxx. The only Id worth noting for


Most of these are stomps but I like the close votes.
Andy vs Noise is definitely an interesting one.


Noise is cancer :slight_smile:


Kate is the best. Dont even add to the poll.

I agree with your style. <3


I kind of meant favorite in general. So like include power level, fun factor, personal attachment, etc.


Come on! The professor losing?

Noise is losing. Yes.


How is CT only 20% ahead of Jescancer Boring?