Fear the masses fluff stuff

[spoiler]Propelled by their impassioned support of clone rights and what they would mean for the future of the Indian Union,
Akshara Sareen

(Democracy and Dogma, 46) and the Ēkatā Party were able to win
the national election. It was a giant step forward. And then, during her
acceptance speech, Akshara was assassinated, Jesminder Sareen ran onto
the stage to hold her sister in her arms, and the future of the clone
rights movement was thrown into question.
Akshara’s death leaves the Ēkatā Party reeling. She had been its face
and its spiritual leader, and no one is certain whether the party will
still have the vision and political capital it needs to effect change in
the legislature. Krishnan Sareen stands to take his sister’s mantle,
but others in the party might contest his ascension. No one knows in
what direction the new leader plans to take the party.[/spoiler]
Good stuff!


Nice to see I’m not the only one who’s been obsessing over this election. :wink:
It was a pretty good (and plausible) story, but it’s a little annoying how unwilling the story team seems to be to upset the status quo. The same thing happened with both Spin and Lunar: someone is on some worlds-changingly important quest, and it fizzles out in an ambiguous anticlimax that dodges all the questions it’s been teasing all cycle.

But then…Flashpoint. I’m very curious to see how that’s going to turn out.


Didn’t the Lunar story lead to the creation of Apex? (At least I think it’s a cool interpretation)


Yeah, that’s how I like to read it, which certainly makes it more interesting in retrospect

(and, I guess, provides hope that we’ll get some answers eventually; maybe future cards or books or other fluff will provide glimpses into the situation as it continues to develop)

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I wonder who hired the assassin?

@MightyToenail I think we both know who did it for some money. :wink:

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Likely in an amibiguous anticlimax.


Where did you find this fluff? I didn’t see it in any of the attached inserts.

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I think you find out who hired the assassin in the pack insert for Fear The Masses (if I followed the narrative correctly).

Agreed with most people here, I’ve really enjoyed the story inserts a lot more lately.

Going by different sources, I think Apex was the one destroying the old nets. This led SYNC to build up a new net, in which they have absolute control (“safer”). But on the moon a piece of Apex still lingered in an old abandoned facility. And Nasir not knowing what he had found, accidentally let it loose on the new net.


The release article on FFGs homepage.