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Feedback: New Site Logo and Banner

Just added a our new logo last night. What do you guy’s think? Is it too complex? Too simple? Missing something?


Hmm, couldn’t make out what it is after “stimhack” for a while. Is that a head in bandages? Or in some cyber-helmet? Too complex for this size i would say… Simple syringe was more appealing to me honestly.

There I re sized it, can you make it out easier now? It’s supposed to be a person with a matrix-style plug in hir brain.

Edit: Currently too large. Will fix.

I dig it!

I like it, but the small logo in the tabs of Chrome make it look like he’s wearing a coon hat instead at first glance.

I like what you’re going for here too! Just a couple of thoughts; I’m not a graphics designer, but these might be something to try. Feel free to consider or disregard as you wish :smile:

Might the “coon hat” thing be solved by making the neural jack out of the top leg of the “K”, then eliminating the hair and drawing in the crenellations on the brain so the head isn’t hairy w/ a tail?


Alright, I’ll give it a try and report back.

Hey, now when I see the details I really like it! A needle in the brain rocks!
Maybe it would be a good idea to change “stimhack” font? So the letters would be connected, and would form a kind of long cable layed out to read “stimhack”. Just a silly thought :).

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Oh yeah, a long cable would be cool. I was kind of looking for a terminal-like font to give it that “hacker” feel. Not sure if that’s the way to go though. Here’s the full-sized logo.