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Feeling Blue About Blue Decks

I’m currently looking to make space in my Leela build for at least one each of PolOp and Councilman (I think the people saying that Councilman is just a PolOp for people who don’t want to run HQ are just flat out wrong, and they both have very different applications). News Team has kinda fallen out of favour so I’m thinking that Hostage and Data Dealer have done their time.

I also really want to explore Freedom Through Equality - With GFI being so prevalent, I can’t even count the number of games where I’ve stalled out at 6 points and tried to sell my soul for a Notoriety. My main concern is that it needs to be played early game when Leela is scoring points rapidly, which means probably needing to play 2 or 3… but I think the 2nd and 3rd will be dead most of the time. It’s also easy for NBN to handle Runner currents by just scoring a 2/1.

I’ve had fleeting thoughts of going to 1 Mongoose and 1 Gingerbread, but that’s mainly when I’m against HB and 6cr for Vikram makes me sad (especially when R&D is Architect - Ichi 1.0 - Vikram - Eli. The mere thought of Archer is enough to make me put down the Gingerbread.

What are your thoughts, my fellow crims?

Cut the Gingerbread for a 2nd Mongoose. I only tend to like Gingerbread over Mongoose if I expect to see a lot of NBN.

Also I tried Pol Op out of Endless Waltz. The verdict for me is that I do not run HQ unless I planned on putting pressure on a developed remote on the same turn (Siphon) or I was pressuring HQ via Sneakdoor while I was developing my rig.

Out of Leela it felt like playing Pol Op just to snipe an upgrade in a remote felt unncessary. If anything upgrades on centrals feel the most threatening to me. Thankfully Sneakdoor helps a lot. And in the event of Caprice on RnD I would just remote lock the corp which is an entirely viable strategy against corp given that we have cards like Inside Job, Emergency Shutdown and especially Account Siphon.

Personally I’m more ears for how to combat IG. Are we going to build a deck with 3 Drug Dealers and 3 Bank Jobs?

well as I said, to combat IG, I made room for a film critic and feedback filter. If you run desperado + sec test as your econ engine, IG is a pretty easy match up, as you usually have a fair bit of time to find what you need whilst poking HQ and R&D for an agenda or two…I dunno. I know last year I prepped for RP and IG at regionals which had me play feedback filter, and it absolutely crushed IG. But yeah…

Thank you. I didn’t see any damage but I like the matchups. Drugs make you hard to flatline and sec test desperado gives you infinite money.

In terms of meat damage, you can only lose to double scorch. Drugs will keep you out of traffic accident + scorch range. If there is a lot of sea scorch scorch in your meta, you might need to slot the plascrete, though generally I have found it is easy to out-econ your opponents in those match-ups.

Iv been having some fun with this iteration of andy recently, i noticed with earthrise and andy’s 9 card start i could go down to 1x of tutors and still see pretty much every card i wanted, i think in games where your not able to run remotes as freely the john masanori may be a bit of a trap though.

The breaker suite is basically ripped from the two recent leela decks on the tournament winning deck list page, so credit to the creators of those. Mongoose it turns out is pretty amazing, but you do definitely need two if your not running faeries.


Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (Humanity’s Shadow)

Event (16)

Hardware (5)

Resource (16)

Icebreaker (8)

11 influence spent (max 15-4☆=11)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Democracy and Dogma

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Why run councilman over pol op? I’ve found the best use for the operative is to help shore up the glacia match where they still rely on upgrades to protect the agenda. In this situation councilman can be played around. If all your worried about is batty then fair enough :slight_smile:.

Would also suggest swapping a dirty laundry for the third career fair to get a better chance of drawing it in Andy’s opening hand along with a good resource.


Really, councilman can be a polop without much hassle. I went with councilman because IG decks are a thing and id rather pay the rez cost than the trash cost, and councilman can be installed via hostage without having to run HQ already Councilman against decks with assets in general are a great 0 cost econ denial trick (eve campaign, san san, hostile infrastructure). Go without whatever you thinks best if you want to play my exact list, change whatever you feel like, the basic idea of the deck is that earthrise + andy + john masanori means you can run singles of many cards and not be left high and dry.

Also, originally it had 3 career fairs, but 2 is genuinely fine (edit: but 3 is also good, it depends on the speed you need to go at tbh). You dont always take a tempo hit from paying honestly for resources, and after about a third of your deck career fair is a very dead card. So is earthrise if im honest, but then again you want clickless draw early, which is why earthrise is 3x. Career fair is a nice tempo boost but not clutch.

I actually cut pol op from my Andy deck and put my second inside job back in, the one pol op felt pretty random in terms of effectiveness, and seems better suited in multiples in a deck that’s running them for a reason. Running film critic and employee strike (man that card is sweet) in my stealth andy to deal with current meta weirdness. Deck is great. Losing one RDI means slightly worse MU v NEH but it’s still alright. Rebirth and turning wheel come in asap

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yeah i think for polop to be good you either need hostage or 2x of them, and even then…i dunno im less convinced about council dude the more i play with it, but i dont think its better necessarily than polop just because polop is a blue card

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a Gabe deck I put together. I don’t play criminal much, so I want to get a bit of feedback on the decklist itself before digging too deeply into my in-game decision making.

Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core Set)

Event (24)

Hardware (4)

Resource (12)

Icebreaker (5)

12 influence spent (max 15-3☆=12)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Liberated Mind

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

For casual play I run 2 desperado and 1 Utopia Shard (I am 2-core-set scum).

I think not playing Sneakdoor Beta in Gabe is a mistake. You want to pressure all three centrals and Sneakdoor is pretty awesome at pressuring archives, especially in Gabe.


I think Gabe would prefer to have only RDI due to the fact that Gabe goes tag-me far more often than you woukd think, especially with recursion.

-3 FIS
-1 The Maker’s Eye
-2 TTW

+2 RDI
+2 Daily Cast
+2 John Massanori


On paper that looks like a fine change, but I want to test TTW out more before making any changes to that part of the deck. TTW was letting me access 5 cards from HQ when used in conjunction with Legwork, or waiting til a bit later in the game (After 2-3 Jackson shuffles) and hit 5 cards from R&D. Those two situations (usually same old thing’d) were how I closed out most of my games. Also with those changes I’d be adding more resources to the deck, which would suck if I’m going tag-me more often, no?

Yeah I definitely felt the hurt on this. Sneakdoor would be a really good card to fit in this list though my memory is tight as hell and getting it late (once I’ve got 2 Mongoose installed) would feel pretty useless. I suppose all-purpose recursion is why I have Deja Vu though!

Your deck seems trapped between two philosophies, is it a fast deck or a slow deck? If it’s fast, it doesn’t want Turning Wheels, those are way too slow, and the Sym Vis and second KJ also seem suspect (reduced ability to go tagme). If it’s slow, it doesn’t want FIS, you don’t want to be accelerating the corp into their money cards and FA cards while you set up the “run HQ for 2 credits and a TW counter” trickle.

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I never install 2 Mongooses in Crim. 80% of games the corp never installs 2 sentries on the same server that don’t have another way of breaking (such as paying a trace), and for the 20% of times they do, Crims have faerie and femme. Remove some Mongooses and add those cards.

Also I’d ditch the Fisk Investment Seminar and Maker’s Eye and add an RDI or two.

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Yes Corps will stack sentries vs Crim if they can, especially on HQ.There is a reason why HB: EtF is considered to be a slight favorite in the match-up.

Having 2x Mongoose out has it’s applications and it is a shame that with Crim’s lack of draw power the event of 2x Mongoose doesn’t happen often enough. Whenever I play vs HB and Sol I always wished I had 2 Mongeese in play.

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I’ve seen people go to 1 Mongoose 1 Gingerbread. A lot of the worst sentries are Tracers, so it seems useful.


I am still confused about this. Is two mongoose really that much better than Garrote?

Well, it’s cheaper (easier to get going before the corp gets 2 sentries on a server), more resilient to destruction (since you have a second if they, say, fire a Batty), and it takes care of 2 subroutines for 1c, so it’s better against weak multisub sentries like Komainu, and I think breaks even with Garrote against Ichi 1.0.

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Late game, no, but early game absolutely.