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Feeling Blue About Blue Decks


Andys link and the castle means that if ctm wants to stick a tag on you, they have to pay more money than you have at the end of the turn. Vamp is a good card for the runner side. With powertaps, you are making money from the whole process so a ctm player playing optimally will decline to fire the optional tag trace.


Excellent, thanks for the explanation.


So does anyone think that building an Andy deck with Baba Yaga, Faerie, Yog, Breach, and Mimic could work? It’s probably slow to set up but I think with the free breaks it could be useful. I threw a rough build together that used HQ Interface and Gauntlet to apply good HQ pressure, usual siphon shenanigans, and 2 SacCon to prevent some program trash. I figure if they topdeck an agenda then they have to install or I’ll probably get it.

Big downsides are the need to mulligan hard for Baba Yaga, time for setup, Snares etc, and Turing on remotes make it sad.

I’ve not posted a list here before so not sure if there are formatting guidelines?


I don’t think there’s like an official format or anything. Just write down what cards are in it.


I think an Andy Baba Yaga could be a very fun deck. I don’t think it is likely to be tournament-viable, though. The biggest problem for runners right now isn’t Ice, it’s assets. Baba Yaga doesn’t do anything to help with asset spam and it slows down your early game (one of Andy’s biggest strengths).


I like your list, I tried it out a few times this weekend, and my old brew from last week. Sometimes I liked it better than my list, but other times I was wishing for a nexus.

With fewer traces, the Power Taps didn’t always feel like they were worth installing. Against CtM, they are still great, but most other matchups they seem pretty irrelevant. Unless the match went long enough to find J-Mas, there was no way to actively trigger traces, other than the 3x siphons that don’t have recursion (SoT is always the 46th card in my version)

I played against…entirely too many glaciers. For glacier, I feel pretty confident nexus is better, but that feels pretty irrelevant even when I type it out.

I didn’t play against IG or potatoes, but I think this style should be much stronger against either, but I worry about taking much net damage with either.

I’ll keep experimenting, but for now I still feel more comfortable with my nexus crutch.


Won the first store in Madrid with Andy, Rojazu’s core build, modified against local builds from spanish meta. Played against Nisei Division, ETF, Blue Sun and HB: Architects, won all matches.

Don’t have the exact list, I’ll post it later, but I found many good things in “not-so-good” cards like Saker or Peregrine. I think Yog + Peregrine is better than Gordian + Passport, but need to test Gordian better.

Thanks for the core Rojazu, works so well!


Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I did have 2 En Passant in there but decided to get Rebirth, Slums, and Turning Wheel in for some RnD accesses. Rebirth into Gabe/Leela most likely. I realise I’ve also got a spare MU if I use Gauntlet but I want to test the ability for now.

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie

Event (18)
3x Account Siphon
3x Career Fair
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Networking
1x On the Lam
1x Rebirth ●
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (4)
2x HQ Interface
2x The Gauntlet

Resource (17)
2x Citadel Sanctuary
3x Daily Casts
2x Earthrise Hotel
2x Sacrificial Construct ●●
1x Salsette Slums ●●
2x Same Old Thing
3x Temüjin Contract
2x The Turning Wheel ●●

Icebreaker (7)
3x Baba Yaga ●●●●● ●
1x Breach
1x Faerie
1x Mongoose
1x Yog.0 ★ ●

14 influence spent (max 15-1★=14, available 0)
46 cards (min 45)


Turing is a problem, otherwise I like it


Yeah, it’s definitely a problem.

If I can get the HQ multi access going then they can’t keep agendas in hand. Might force their play a little and I can eventually get a cheeky RnD dig with Turning Wheel.

Snare hurts a lot too.


I think that nexus is better against weaker players and desperado better against strong players. Strong players will pose questions that you are not ready to answer, hence being lightweight gives you the flexibility to respond better to those threats.


I’m looking forward to my new list for SC season. I had been tossing between Tem Whizz or sticking with Andy and this decklist felt very convincing whenever it plays Temujin Contract but is just as good at durdling without Contract which I like.

My original breaker suite during Worlds was

2 Faerie
2 Femme Fatale
1 Peregrine
1 Yog.0
1 Paperclip
1 Mimic

But the main problem I had was that natural drawing your breakers feels really good but having to Special Order for Paperclip felt very prohibitively expensive. It’s not like installing Yog.0 at all and the barriers you will come across will not be Eli 1.0 anymore but weak gearcheck barriers like Vanilla, Wraparound and Resistor. Naturally I like low set up costs, and Peregrine and Paperclip felt like a meat pizza when your credits are compeating for set up costs of your myraid of breakers and 2x Femmes.

I will probably never cut my 2x Femmes from this list. Femme is my catch-all Atman type breaker that also doubles as a somewhat terrible Mimic with the upside of going tag am vs a Resistor or cutting through a server with a Tollbooth.

So I cut a 3rd Sucker, 3 TTWs, a Peregrine, a Mimic and a Paperclip and shoved 2 RDIs, 2 Corroders, a Passport, a Mongoose and a Gingerbread back in and it has been feeling pretty great since. The set up cost of your breaker suite is so low you can easily rekindle your expectations of installing both of your Femmes in deck late game.

Reg Ass Andy (46 cards)
Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie
– event (18 cards)
3 Account Siphon
1 Career Fair
3 Dirty Laundry
1 Emergency Shutdown
2 Inside Job
2 Legwork
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
– hardware (5 cards)
3 Desperado
2 R&D Interface
– program (12 cards)
2 Corroder
2 Datasucker
2 Faerie
2 Femme Fatale
1 Gingerbread
1 Mongoose
1 Passport
1 Yog.0
– resource (11 cards)
3 Daily Casts
3 Earthrise Hotel
2 Security Testing
3 Temüjin Contract

I haven’t been teching lately and am fully willing to lose to every Boom deck I play against. The 46th card is Emergency Shutdown which is a totally reasonable card to cut. Full set of Daily Casts has been feeling great because sometimes you just arent allowed to use Tem for real money but to alleviate the cost of runs on specific servers which in this case will be on R&D almost all the time mid-late game.


Melvo, cut your fucking gingerbread.


I see all these lists with Mongoose as a primary breaker, and I feel it’s a massive liability. That card will cost you games at some point.


mongoose is generally not a primary breaker, its usually paired with femme. it is fine as long as you are aware of stacked sentries. sapper does worry me a little though.


Mongoose has cost me a game.

It was in the winners semi-finals of a regionals. But the biggest problem was that I didn’t have Datasuckers to pair with my Femmes because I was not playing Andy Sucker but Endlesz Waltz and had to play vs. 75% sentry NA Sol with Improved Tracers.


I did have Mimic in mine as I need to run another sentry breaker to pass Swordsman but everything else should fall to Faerie. Switched the Mimic out to fit Rebirth in.


I personally think councilman is better than pol-op for criminals. It forces the corp to pre-rez upgrades before you run, so either you blank them, or the burden is more front-loaded on the corp, and you have a better idea of what you’re up against. If it’s caprice, she’s obviously unique the corp has to commit to which server she’s going to be guarding.

It prevents Batty disasters. It doesn’t require a successful run on HQ, which is typically the most difficult server for criminals to get into because the corp anticipates account siphon and legwork. Having extra clicks to install it after the HQ run can be tough if you’re clearing tags. It provides a major roadblock for CI combo decks for a faction that has few answers besides siphon and go fast.

There are scenarios where pol-op is better, but I just think what councilman does well is more what criminal needs than what pol-op does well.


Don’t lie, we both know you missed the winning line in that game :wink:

SoT inside job R&D wins it. I will never forget the day you broke my heart :frowning:

Edit: Or did you face him twice?


Its true. :sob:

I will be good at hacking away at R&D one day.

His NA Sol deck was absurdly well positioned against me though despite the game being very close.