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Feeling Blue About Blue Decks

The deck runs a bunch of econ. It doesn’t need Nexus against asset spam (maybe late if they rez a tollbooth or something). Set up some rabbit holes/Power Tap off the supplier takes a lot of sting off of CtM’s trace and soon that ID is blank. This is a runner deck with a ton of money, it will run and trash a bunch of stuff.

Don’t laser-focus on installing Nexus. It has it’s place, but it isn’t always important.

that’s my point - the deck is stronger with the best console and better breakers - it doesn’t need all the link either when 1 power tap + 1 citadel makes is wrong for ctm to even fire the trace in the first place


Citadel is probably one of the most under-rated cards we’ve seen. It’s surprisingly strong.


You’ve piqued my interest now. Most Andy decks I’ve run have utilized a lot of synergies to power it’s run/econ engine. Typically a complete rig includes Datasuckers, Yog.0, Mimic or Femm + NRE, a fracter, Desperado, SecTest, and John Masanori.

In my rig, I’ve replaced the datasuckers, NRE, Desperado, and SecTest with Nexus, Rabbit Hole, and Power Tap (and have John Masanori on double duty). The number of installs is similar, but the costs are much higher (though the Supplier offsets this, at the cost of additional slots).

The end rig, I would argue, is much more effective against NBN than the standard Andysucker rig. Link blanks NBN ICE much the same way that Yog.0 blanks code gates. ICE that has to be dealt with can be done very efficiently, sometimes even paying back credits.

Against glacier, the occasional trace subroutine is a real boon to this deck (I mourn the loss of Vikram), and genuinely taxing ICE can be bypassed. For the corp to build up a server to be too taxing to be worthwhile is expensive, and leaves other locations exposed.

There are some situations where one rig or the other will be better, but I think they are at least comparable in power and efficiency. My rig is much more expensive, but Temujin money makes it possible.

Of course if you have something completely different in line as a baseline, then I am certainly willing to be educated.

I’m going to give this one a shot. I’ve always hated the supplier, because he typically never shows up when I need him, and usually slows me down more than he speeds me up. In an Andy list it could work though.

The only thing is that I don’t like letting the corp know I have a Temujin ready. On the other hand, most corps will assume you have a Temujin ready anyways…

See, one thing I like is now the corp has to pre-ICE for Temujin, or I can install and get in 4 runs when I install it off the supplier. It has worked surprisingly well for me.

Definitely. But it’s unfortunate that it makes 0-link Runners even less appealing.

I tried the supplier and didn’t like that casts and earthrise are delayed one turn further whilst on there. It tended to get a bit clogged and is also a target for destruction.

Agreed. Leela, Gabe and Sil feel like they’re several (at least three) steps behind Andy and even Geist.

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do we have high hopes for Los?

also, Exploit looks pretty good at first sight

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He should theoretically be better than Gabe, since he has a more universal ability.

haven’t seen that card before looks sweet. I definitely want to try it.

I think LOS is maybe one of the better options after Andy rotates. Not depending so much on HQ success is a big deal considering the desire to multiple ICE hq vs siphon gabe.

Thanks for posting your discussion on your deck earlier interesting to see the thoughts of the UK team

ohh have not seen exploit before, I like it

Earthrise may be delayed, but Daily Casts is not.

Start of turn phase turn following installing DC normally: gain 2c, 6c remain, net -1c
4 turns after install, net 5c

Start of turn phase turn following DC on supplier: install for 1c, 8c remain, net -1c
4 turns after hosting on supplier (installed for 3 turns) net 5c
5 turns after hosting, net 7c

Daily casts is not delayed by the supplier. That is only your perception. You are exactly as far along as you would be without installing on the supplier, but you will gain 2c for 1 turn longer, making the card net 7c, instead of 5c.

Installing Daily Casts off the supplier is a win, with the only potential drawback that you have too many things that you would like to install off of the supplier. That interaction is 100 % pure mathematical value.


You’re delayed 1 click + 3 credits + 1 card. Also it synergizes “bad” with Career Fair. You’re losing speed and the most important thing nowadays, flexibility, just for a 2 cred benefit in resource & hardware. Also, you’re giving information to the corp, on what are you going to do (or a possible move) in the next turn. Also, you’re more vulnerable to mass destruction from yellow cards (Breaking News + whatever). Supplier also synergizes bad with floating tags.

I think your build and Rojazu are so different, makes no sense to compare both at all. Yours looks like a Lock, and Rojazu is more like max flexibility. And with this, I’m not saying your build is bad, I think it’s too different to compare both.

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and most importantly - great flavour!

Stop eating the cards!


Especially not the spoiled ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Took down the Store champ in london and most importantly i did it with Blue! I brought the lightweight version of the powertap deck with the results in real life matching those during testing. its way harder to rush vs this deck and the cards are less interdepent on each other.


The CTM matchup is ridiculous, everyone i played stated that they had never felt so helpless as CTM.


So I have not been following the Meta as closely as I use to in the past. Do you use Andy’s link plus Citadel Sanctuary to remove the CTM tag at the end of the runner’s turn?