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Feeling down about Netrunner

The problem with traps is that it’s too big of an investment with too little payout.

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Good thing FFG fixed that for you!


Here’s a list of things you’ll consider completely insane and unplayable jank* that I’ve had reasonable success with lately

  • Public Agenda Gagarin
  • 3 different kinds of IG
  • 2 different kinds of PE
  • Source Iain
  • Hyperdriver Professor
  • 3 different kinds of Geist

And I don’t even consider myself a particularly innovative deckbuilder, those were just the things that jumped out and punched me in the nose when I ripped them datapacks open.

*if you’re the kind of person who reads about Netrunner rather than experimenting with Netrunner


Two of my four currently built Runner dex are Iain Source/Film Critic, and Geistpocalypse. Both are fun and not the norm.


Surfer Quetzal is still the most fun you can have running :smiley:

Haven’t had the source succeed in stopping me from doing anything yet, when its been coming out I look at it and think, no this comeback is not a thing what are you doing

But I’ve probably been lucky

Surfer Quetzal–I mean, the ice still has to be Barrier, so it’s tricky to pull off, no? Corps will especially be reluctant to rez barriers to begin with against Quetz.

There are ways around this. FAO+sot/deja and paintbrush can get you into most servers.

And Iain…you still have 10 inf
I’m into it and I was immediately trying again and it just instantly made me sad

We had some good fun this weekend with Geist Apocalypse as well. :smile:


Also DDos!

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Or breakers!

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8 deep remote? Rezzed and advanced swarm? What is going on wherever you are?


Reina with ddos and inside jobs was my first post spoilers bad idea deck

Is that… is that an 8-ice remote? O_o

Also a nude Root


Yes, otherwise Geist can get in! =-p (It was a personal record of mine.)

I just Blue Sun’d that ice.

My fun Netrunning experience was playing against @Secret_Ox on OCTGN the other night as Whizzard–I was putting on the old Whizzard shuffle and feeling like I had the game under control, and would close it out shortly. I saw Scorch in his hand but had a money advantage and 5 points of my own, and Medium with a counter or two on it. F12, pass turn.

He was NEH, with a Breaking News and Beale scored. Since I was so confident, I took some time to check out my fingernails, bite one off. Bad habit, for sure. Anyway, I took a look up to see what he was doing and I noticed I was dead.

24/7 News Cycled the BN and blew up my block.

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Did you survive Geist “Hacking The PlanetTM”?

Or did you just Crash and Burn…?

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