FFG Apparently seeking judges for events at conventions now

Also, notably, they are starting off the bat with paying the judges. They must be paying attention to WotC’s current issues.


What are the issues?


tl;dr WotC doesn’t pay judges in money, but in judge promos, deeming them volunteers; the judges are suing for violations of federal employment regulations, because the activities make them employees, allegedly.

e: Here’s the complaint and demand for class certification, for legal junkies: Shaw Et Al v. Wizards of The Coast, LLC | PDF

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They’d almost certainly be paying even without WotC’s legal problems. Magic judges get paid by the TO, usually in store credit or in boxes, which are fungible, but I know SCG at least gives judges the options of taking cash. As the TO here, FFG is going to need to pay.

Netrunner product is less fungible, and FFG can’t print $200 promo cards like WotC can, so cash is the most reasonable compensation option.

And yet…


The completed listings have them selling for about half that.

Apparently they want to keep people from drawing three cards instead of two…

WotC has always paid their judges that were judging at the tournaments they put on. The lawsuit is trying to get judges paid for MtG events that were put on by other organizations, such as StarCityGames.

I will literally cut a pound of flesh off of my body for the chance to get paid to enforce rules. If anyone wants an indentured servant, please let me know how best I can achieve this goal. I’ve seen so many videos with misplays in them, wondering how the game SHOULD have been played.

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