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FFG - Asmodee

Prob. doesn’t matter too much to ANR, outside of Worlds possibly flipping out of the US every other year or so.


Hopefully this will help the organized play program


Mention about better organized play in Europe got me excited. Asmodee seems to be mainly a board game company, though. I don’t think they have organized play experience what is needed with LCG/CCG tournaments. At least it will be easier to get organized play kits in Europe.

I doubt we’ll see changes anytime soon but it’ll be nice if it shores up their distribution pipeline a bit as well.

Maybe if it gets big enough Worlds can be held on a cruise ship in international waters. That’s much more enticing than the midwest in the winter.


Do you think FFG’s track record is particularly great? I don’t expect Asmodee to be particularly ill-suited for the task.

Can’t really see a downside to this at the moment. Days of Wonder merged with Asmodee a few months ago and has basically remained independent, and my understanding is FFG will remain an independent publisher under the overarching Asmodee group as well.

It is interesting that they mentioned some FFG titles may transition to other Asmodee groups if they’re a better fit there, and likewise, some Asmodee titles may transition to FFG.

I would have to think this gives FFG a much better European base of operations and will result in improvements to organized play for our international Netrunner players, definitely a plus.

For fans of Asmodee titles, it’s interesting to note that they announced the first ever Organized Play kits for Seasons last month, complete with playmats, alternate-art cards, and a promo poster for retailers. Makes you wonder if FFG and Asmodee might have already been working together behind the scenes over the past couple of months, maybe?

To further speculate, some thought the primary reason behind Asmodee’s acquisition of Days of Wonder was to get their hands on the DoW digital team, which was behind popular apps for Ticket to Ride and Small World. If FFG does not yet have a plan for digital implementations of their LCGs, it is worth noting that they now have access to a strong and experienced team of digital designers.


Yeah, they had a job opening for an app developer on their site, maybe it’s to be the FFG primary to work with that team.


I salivate at the thought of a well-designed ANR platform for IOS. I mean, I’ll take a Windows platform, too, but playing an AAA ANR title via iPad… :open_mouth:

k maybe not AAA, but at least AA!


I think the app dev posting was more in line of digitizing boardgames - like the app integration in the new xcom.


The has been a lot of news going on in the new Asmodee North America. They have purchased the license to English language Settlers of Catan (pretty huge IMO). There are new retailer agreements restricting brick and morter stores from online sales as well as having five exclusive distributors. I have heard that they’re trying to position themselves similarly to Hasbro. What this all means for ANR remains to be seen. Apparently the French company that owns Asmodee (some sort of holding firm) has significant financial muscle behind them. Personally, I am excited to see what is in store for ANR and hopefully an official online game is in the works.