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FFG non OP Netrunner Playmats coming


Be a nice option for those who’ve not won one and also provide greater variety.


that Root one is pretty sick


I hope they don’t have a Day Job mat so I can keep being a special unique snowflake when I bring mine to tournaments. :laughing:

Seriously, though, that Root one is great. Nice to see they’re bringing back one with The Masque, too. What would be really nice, although unlikely, since I think The Factory is their print-on-demand arm - open up that whole catalog of beautiful card art for order, just pick the one you like.


I dream of a SanSan City Grid playmat. Hopefully this is one step closer.


It’s about time.

What event was this from? and any other information for Netrunner?


How do they manage to pick completely unappealing art for these and the sleeves? The should hire me as a consultant for this shit. Hopefully there’ll be better ones in the future.


It’s from the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas (for retailers to meet publishers etc). That’s all for Netrunner apart from that they are working with Dragon Shield to bring out matte sleeves.

Was just lots of stuff to the various star wars game and the announcement of the new 40k Forbidden Stars game due in the summer.


Great looking playmats they could have made include:

Adonis Campaign
Nisei MkII
Closed Accounts
SanSan City Grid
Modded (I realize this was done, but I want it so bad)
Government Contracts
Liberated Accounts
Compromised Employee
Exploratory Romp
Self-Modifying Code
Reclamation Order
Celebrity Gift
Invasion of Privacy
The Cleaners
The Future Perfect
Mental Health Clinic
Blue Sun
Near Earth Hub
Industrial Genomics
Au Revoir
Earthrise Hotel
Day Job
Wanton Destruction
Enhanced Vision


You missed Gingerbread.


Au Revoir would make a great one for sure


I am gingerbread


I sure hope they make one of that O&C box art.


And from other Worlds prizes playmats.


Probably the alt art one.


I had a small orgasm when I’ve read they’re working with DragonShield for their matt protectors :heart_eyes:

I was hoping that Root playmat would be a prize somewhere, but having it in any way is good.


Already have too many playmats to use… wish they would just sell alt-arts instead.


Hope this doesn’t mean they are going to start doing the 60/40 mats of Card Art / HUGE ANDROID NETRUNNER LOGO IN DEAD SPACE like the SC mat. They already previewed the Silhouette Planned Assault mat with the promo Popup, so that’s not promising.