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[FFG Regionals] FFG Event Center Stream

FFG’s showing a stream of the regional at their event center today! Noted Stimhackers @spags @aandries @Paranoid and probably many more are in attendance, so might be fun to catch 'em live!



(hope you enjoyed)


Great tournament – looking forward to seeing deck lists for the winner.

The Noise deck in the final was straight up gangsta. Dude was just playing a different game altogether, with just a few key runs here and there.

I was there, as were:

@spags (9th)
@paranoid (T4)
@xavi (T8)
@ericbtool (T8, #1 seed)

I can’t remember Abram’s ID here (2nd). And Fictional, the winner (and 2x SC winner, and first Mead Hall league winner this year, etc, etc), doesn’t post here, AFAIK.

Even though I tanked hard, I’m proud to say that we defended home court and the final match was between the top two players in the local Mead Hall league.

Major points to @xavi for making T8 in all three Regionals he played in, two of them with NEXT Design. Slops to me for piloting his NEXT Design deck to the very bottom table while he rode it to T8 once again.


I knew there were a ton of stimhackers there :). GO STAMHERK! STIMHACKS THE WIN!


Saw you while I was thumbing through the videos, love the new haircut.

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I was also on the stream as well. Granted my decks were completely ran over in Round 3.

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Any have a link for the games? I honestly have tried looking for them I promise…

Think my match was 2:30 in here.

I’m guessing you just posted it as well as the original poster. My phone cant see it apparently.

Ugh. Just links to the main player.

Yeah, it sucks on phone.

I was the moron playing Power Nap MaxX in round one. Sorry about my accidental terrible table ettiquette ruining the ending of my runner game!