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First Teaching Deck League Starts April 10

On Monday, The BigBoy Teaching Deck League opens. It is an open Elo league in which players organize their own games and play as many or as few as they like. This topic will be where I post updates about the league. Here are a few guidelines and links to resources.

How long does the League run?
It starts April 10 and will end May 3.

If the top four finishers agree, I will organize a Top Four playoff at the conclusion of the League.

Can I still join?
Registration for the Teaching Deck League is open through the end of the day Sunday, April 9. The Challenge Board appears to operate at UTC -7, so its clock will determine starting and ending times for the League.

Register by signing up at The Challenge Board. Password for the board: thebigboy

How can I organize a game?
You can post an open game on Jinteki.net with the title: Teaching League Game. If someone joins, you should ask if they are signed up for the league because you cannot report results if they are not in the league.

There is also a Slack channel dedicated to the league where you can post requests for games. Here is the link to that channel. If you need an invitation to Slack, use this link.

You may also organize games via any other means you find convenient.

Players are encouraged to play two games with each opponent (one Corp and one Runner) each time they play, but this is not required. Single games still count toward the League.

What Decks Can I Play?
Legal decks for this League are the teaching and learning decks published by Abram Jopp (@TheBigBoy) on his Web site. Here are link to the decks:


Engineering the Future
Personal Evolution

Jopp’s notes and advice for playing these decks can be found here.

You can transfer these decks into Jinteki by clicking on the “Export” button at the top of the decklist and copying the list into the Jinteki deck builder.

Can I change decks between games?
Yes. Each player can select a new deck each time they play.

Where do I report results?
The winner of each game should report results to The Challenge Board. Make sure to get the Challenge Board ID of your opponent from them, as some people do not use the same ID on Jinteki and the Challenge Board.

Optional: If you want to help me in a data collection experiment, you can also report game results to this Google Form where I am trying to gather information about match ups during the league.

What if I have other questions?
Please direct them to me (@FightingWalloon) here or on Slack.

Good luck and have fun!


This looks amazing! Thank you so much for organizing this :smiley:


How do I get an account on the slack channel? It’s asking me to sign in but I don’t have an account.

“Don’t have an account on this team yet?
Contact the team administrator for an invitation”

Try using this link:


Despite not having played Netrunner for over a year, these decks look fun to play. I was following along on the boards as you talked about a setup like this, and I am interested to try it out. Hopefully I will be able to get a few games in.

Thanks for organizing this, and for your time and effort.

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Glad to have you on board. I hope you have fun.

And we are off. First games done and already recorded! Have fun everyone.


@TheBigBoy is working on an article based on our league. You can help him out in two ways.

  1. When you create a game check the box that lets spectators see your cards.

  2. If you don’t want random people looking over your shoulder, make the game private and set the password as BBTL

You are not required to do either, but if you want to help create content that can help other players learn the game, please consider helping him out this way.

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Is the slack channel the same as the standard “general” stimhack slack?

The slack channel is #bb_teaching_league ( https://stimhack.slack.com/messages/C4U1A42S0/details/ ).

So far, 17 games have been reported on the Google Form I am using to collect data on league games. A couple interesting observations from this info.

Kit is the most popular runner being selected nearly 2/3 of the time. Whizzard is the least popular, having played only 1 game.

Corps are more evenly split. 41% ETF, 35% Spark, 23% GRNDL.

Overall, Runner is winning 58.8% of games.

Kit is 8-3 in games with 1 loss to each Corp.


League update:

22 players have played at least 1 game.
54 total games have been played.

Corps have won 55% of the games that have been reported via the Google Form (n=39).

Win rates by Runner
Andromeda - 50% (n=8)
Kit - 50% (n=18)
Whizzard - 31% (n=13)

Win rates by Corp
ETF - 50% (n=14)
GRNDL - 75% (n=8)
Spark - 53% (n=17)

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A week and a half left until the end of the league.

We’ve had 24 players get in games, and I hope lots of fun has been had. Keep it up.

With 62 games reported via my Google Form, we have a 52% Runner win percentage. Kit is stil the most popular runner and ETF and Spark are neck and neck for more popular Corp.

Win rates by ID:

Andromea: 69.2% (n=13)
Kit: 57.1% (n=28)
Whizzard: 33.3% (n=21)

ETF: 40.7% (n=27)
GRNDL: 72.7% (n=11)
Spark: 45.8% (n=24)

Six of 8 GRNDL wins were by Flatline.


Booooo. Give Andy some love guys.

Open play for the league ends on Wednesday, May 3. Get your games in while you still can. We are talking about doing a double elimination top 4 cut, but that may not happen if people who end at the top don’t want to do it.

Right now of 72 games reported on the Google Form, we have a 50-50 Runner-Corp split in games. I’d say this is a pretty balanced meta.

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Congratulations to @miek for winning the The BigBoy Teaching Deck League.

We had a total of 87 games played and 71 reported on my Google Form. Win rate by ID for the league is as follows:

Andromeda - 69.2% (n=13)
Kit - 51.5% (n=33)
Whizzard - 36% (n=25)

ETF - 46.9% (n=32)
GRNDL - 72.7% (n=11)
Spark - 46.4% (n=28)

A few notable head-to-head stats:

Spark won 70% of its games vs. Kit and lost 83% of its games vs. Andromeda.
ETF won 80% of its games vs. Whizzard and lost 75% vs. Andromeda and 67% vs. Kit


Thanks @FightingWalloon for organising and @TheBigBoy for creating the decks, this was a really fun experience for a n00b and I can’t wait for the next one!

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Congratulations to @miek who won both the regular league and the top 4 cut.

A new Bigboy Teaching Deck League will be starting up in early June.

One thing I can promise. The games are fun and there is no Estelle Moon in any of the decks.

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