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Flashpoint Cycle!

You don’t need a stealth breaker, really. Any breaker will do for cloak or smoke.

But it’s annoying if Houdini is your only breaker.

Houdini was discussed much earlier in this thread IIRC. General consensus was that it was well-received, but I personally do not see it replacing Refractor until Refractor cycles. Getting to 6 using just 1 stealth is nice for DNA, and of course the persistent strength is nice, but with Net Mercer around, I feel like stacked code gates and stealth limitations for Refractor are heavily mitigated.

When Refractor cycles, Houdini will be an adequate replacement though. I do like it in that regard. Stealth is getting significantly buffed from NM and Smoke, I’m alright with seeing their new decoder be slightly (and only slightly) “worse”.

Just my two cents, of course.


Indeed. In Kit it is not uncommon that it is your only breaker for quite a while.

Status of Intervention was updated to Shipping Now.

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Also, should we talk here about the whole scuttlebutt that’s flying around the internet about the mystery unannounced product in the lineup between Quorum and the first pack of Red Sands?


Weyland finally getting a big box?


I like the idea someone on Slack had: Deluxe Masters’ Edition. Just a box of cards they want to keep evergreen, like Jackson and the 3/2s. Smattering of IDs like Chaos Theory, Andy, and Whizz. The Interfaces.


Box evergreen with mini-faction support would be cool to flush them out as factions more.

Of course, I suppose that is kind of wasting the card board they are printed on. Since two of them will probably never be anywhere near tournament viable.

I guess it’s Core 2.0.

Imp, Kati Jones, Celebrity gift, Pop up Windows, Interns, Subliminal Messaging…

i bet on a core set 2.0

I doubt it will be Core 2.0 (I’d love to be wrong). My bet is that it’s another Draft set and will be announced at Worlds.

Only Draft Sets have different serial numbers: uDAD##

The only products hat have the ADN## code are the core set, deluxe expansions and data packs.

My bet is on a deluxe box that introduces a multiplayer variant. Like Warhammer: Invasion and Star Wars LCG have.


I’m not a fan of an ‘evergreen’ box if it isn’t a core 2.0. Most of the cards suggested for it are ones that I’m looking forward to rotation for. This isn’t because I dislike them, but because powerful and useful cards have to rotate for rotation to have any meaning. I’d also like to see the design team find more creative ways of filling certain neccessary roles (such as the upcoming Equivocation as a replacement for RDI).


Maybe that’s a Sacrificial Clone?

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people say this all the time, but i am 10000% positive that once Jackson rotates, that’s it. we will never get a card even close to him ever again.

sure, we’ll get the effects he has, but definitely not all in one card, and definitely not at the speed he gives them.


And thus an age of dark descends…

I’d be a lot happier if it looked like they were trying to spread the replacements over all factions rather than being NBN and the odd neutral.


I wonder if they will acknowledge Jacksons departure in this cycle? Like they have done with the runners.