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Flashpoint Cycle!


Ice with a trash cost, wonder how that’s meant to work after it’s installed and rezzed.


Faust the runner ID…


dat Sunny current.

So freaking happy mini faction support is coming.


With ice and ops having trash costs, Whizzard is getting stronger.


That runner ID! An actually taxing weyland code gate!

Oh look another late game card for Sunny, because her problem totally was winning the late game. I expect an Apex card good for end the run subroutines, and an Adam card that keys off getting lucky with early accesses…


Netrunner: Civil War anyone?


"You'll find one card each for the Runner mini-factions introduced in Data and Destiny"

Urmaghurd! Let’s hope for an actually viable draw engine for Apex!


I am just happier about the idea of the minifactions getting any support at all.


Also note that this cycle takes place directly after Android: Mainframe. Cool tie in, that also isn’t hard to explain for people who didn’t buy Mainframe.


You’re not accessing ICE when it is installed and rezzed, you’re encountering it. Since you’re not accessing it, I’d imagine you’d just ignore the trash icon.


well finally it’s happening


Nice observation there. It seems like FFG has been pushing the story more and more, it will be interesting to see see where we go from here. How will the cycle turn out?


dat princess space kitten art on rumor mill doe

/me is dead from adorbz

edit I am super-sad there’s no deluxe box coming, and only one card for each minifaction for the whole cycle? Better than nothing, I guess.

also stop the goddang presses is that a Weyland Code Gate? Surely there’s been some mistake, because it looks good?


That anarch is so cool. Maybe this means Faust will be banned?


I’m torn between the new Adam card being an AI breaker balanced around having Multithreader’s available to pay for it, and just having a new Directive so you can tailor your opening a bit more with him.


What happens if you play Hard-Hitting News as part of an Accelerated Diagnostics Resolution? I mean, if you play AD and reveal Hard-Hitting News, an Operation and an Agenda, and elect to play HHN first, what happens? Does the “end your action phase” effect stop the resolution of AD?


Are any of these cards not conditional or have some mechanic that checks credit pools or something? They are all super text-y (this is not a complaint, people that hate seeing complaints), just curious about the complexity level of the card effects jumps out to anyone else :slight_smile:


Interestingly, Political Operative will be able to kill it when rezzed?


Guys, can we talk about how absolutely monstrous Mausolus is? A 5 strength code gate with three relevant subs that, with a single Dedication ceremony, becomes a murder powerhouse? And it’s only 4 CREDS to rez?? This thing may actually compete with Tollbooth!

Edit: and it’s 3 influence! Take that, NBN kill decks!


And it’s an ICE that I might actually want to advance! Crazy times for the Weyland Consortium.