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Flashpoint Cycle!

It makes Because We Built It happy.

If the Runner face checks this thing, you essentially paid 3 credits for a net damage and a tag. That’s insane value. I don’t even care that it doesn’t ETR. Runners can’t ignore that, and it’s so taxing to break. Guhhh

I just hope there will be other good advanceable ICE as well just so every advanced face-down ICE isn’t automatically Mousolus.


Even in advanced though, it’s far and away better than our current code gate selection… (Enigma)


If I had to guess, because Netrunner doesn’t have stacking effects, terminal cards end everything in the action step instantly. So I bet Damon will rule that if you play HHM during a Diagnostics, you don’t even resolve the remaining text on the Diagnostics, including trashing the unplayed cards (sort of like how The Foundry and ABT interact).


Agreed - most exciting part of this announcement is that art. :wink:


I mean, I like the new mechanics here more than Mumbad’s new ones? Alliance is way messier than Terminal.

New Weyland code gate is bonkers mechanically, but damn it’s horrible to read. That formatting reads like a prototype. The ambush Jinteki ice is also formatted really poorly. I hope those are just some outliers.

Also, not a single crim card spoiled. Mini faction status confirmed.


I guess that’s dependent on what you mean by messiness. Alliance is mostly blank in game (other than as a tag for Mumbad city hall). Terminal is super neat though.

Mausolus looks weird, but is actually super simple.

Mausolus and Beth looks like the winners of the spoilers so far.


Here I fixed this


Null + Ice Carver + Anarch core set breakers seems pretty nuts. Also…Could he…make good use of Wyrm?


Null+Clone Chip+Parasite+Scrubbed. Hell yes.


With an Ice Carver out you can insta kill an Assassin (edit: or Tollbooth!) for 2 creds and a card with that set up. Blergh. That’s insane.

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I’ve tried Scrubbed a few times. It’s not worth the credits to play it. The ability is too restricted, and the corp can easily play around the restrictions to minimize it’s impact.

If Beth does what I think it does (+1c or +1 card or +1 click), no downside, it seems ridiculously good!


Looks like they don’t stack, as the first two effects have credit caps

OMG it would be uber if they stacked. I just mean I don’t see any way they snuck a downside in there. I reworded for clarity :slight_smile:

That was my first thought. I’m looking forward to seeing wyrm get play, though parasite spam seems kind of annoying already.

Ah, I see.
Yeah, that does look good, better than Rachel or Josh, the only problem being that if it’s good for you then the corp is swimming in dough (not that there’s anything to imply that you’re not too)

So how does Wormhole interact with Mausolus?

My guess is it still refers to advancements on Mausolus, since nothing in the sub itself references Mausolus.