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Foodcoats vs Replicating Perfection

What I want to ask is what people think of foodcoats as opposed to replicating perfection as glaciers? I play foodcoats a lot but only played a small bit of RP a good while ago, so while I’m catching up on the ID:

1.Which would you bring to a tournament pre-MWL and why.
2.Which would you bring to a tournament after.
3.Both are glacier decks. What are the pros and cons you think they have over each other?
4.Are there any particular matchups you think one is better than the other?

Cheers if you can answer any of these.

Same thing. MWL starts on Feb. 1st.

  1. Foodcoats because the economy is too difficult to shut down, even if you are Whizzard.
  2. (Assuming you mean post-MWL) RP because it is only a slightly worse deck than Foodcoats (maybe even better) and I find it a hell of a lot more enjoyable from both sides.
  3. In short, they both have a rough time verses reg anarchs, and they are both really good against crim if they can stabilize, and against shaper because of Caprice.
  4. /\ /\

Play RP, Foodcoats isn’t really fun (at least IMO) to play against.

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What do you mean by “reg anarchs”? As in running keyholes/siphons/eater kinda sheannanigans?

Not running keyholes/siphons/eater stuff. They play resource econ, and run the fixed strength breakers. Here are some examples.





RP might be a better choice because foodcoat suffered a little from MWL IMO.

  1. I believe Foodcoats was the best deck in ANR pre-MWL. It had a comfortable matchup against every deck, its biggest weakness being something like Reg Val, which it’s still only a slight dog against.
  2. RP. After the influence restrictions, Foodcoats is resigned to one Caprice, which works well when you find it and doesn’t work at all when you don’t.
  3. By manipulating central accesses, RP is frequently able to win from any position despite bleeding agendas early. It’s also more able to punish decks that are too fast or too slow by changing the pace of the game. ETF is usually install-take-2 and trust R&D until you win unless the Runner is moving very slowly.
  4. ETF is a lot better against reg anarchs and Noise. RP is better against shapers. They’re both Criminal killers.

Foodcoats is largely unchanged in post-mwl, it lost only a few ice. NAPD was not necessary.

RP, while good, feels like it lives or dies too much on the psi game post mwl.

Emphasis on “feels”

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Emphasis on “dies”

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In my post MWL builds I still have 2 Caprice. The ICE suite changes, and I was already only running one NAPD before (in favor of the 3 Vitruvius). The only thing that’s slightly changes is the ICE suite, which loses some pieces. Like, you might lose Tollbooth, but if you’re replacing it with an extra Ichi 2 or Assassin or something, it’s not that bad. Against Shapers those can be troublesome, especially with Sharpshooter recursion taking a hit, and both are total pains for D4V1D, either out of Anarch or Shaper. I don’t think Foodcoats has gone totally downhill, it’s not as insanely good as it was when you could have 3 Eli and 3 Architect in every deck. It’s definitely made you have to take a second look at the cost curve of ICE in your deck.

I think Foodcoats is still a better deck than RP, because as it’s been said before, it has no bad matchups. It’s basically the model of consistency, even with the hits it’s taken.

Councilman and Political Operative will hurt both though.

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I don’t think this is quite true. MWL hit most HB glacier lists for at least 7 influence (3 Eli, 3 Architecture, at least 1 NAPD), a substantial impact. People play around it by putting much worse ICE in their lists; the difference between Markus & Eli is not minor. You could argue RP lists were just as impacted (3 Eli, 3 NAPD in most) but not that the MWL doesn’t affect these lists, especially in comparison to something like Bootcamp Blue Sun (the other glacier archetype).

“Largely” unchanged. Most cut the caprice, two ice and the NAPD from foodcoats. It still has room for most of its pieces.

RP had to go the 8-agenda route, which is fine, and play philotic. Some people were doing this already. You lose eli, or you scramble to find room for him. Either way, RP lost some of its tax and falls back on psi games more as a result. ELP is more appealing now. Kate has an even worse time with susanoo.

So when I say “largely unchanged”, I mean they still do what they were built to do, and most of the pieces are there. They are not really affected in the way butchershop was affected. The first thing everyone did when making post mwl decks was cut NAPD. Both decks could do that and still be their respective archetypes.