Since Foodcoats seems to have taken the mantle of RP as the glacier to beat, I thought I’d set the ball rolling with a thread about it (apologies if this exists, I haven’t noticed it).

I’ve always found HB Glacier satisfying to play, but for most of my time playing this game, it hasn’t quite been a tier 1 deck, lacking the sheer speed and power of NEH, and the sheer unfairness of RP. Here’s what I’ve been playing to good success on OCTGN:

HB Global Food

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

Agenda (9)
3x Accelerated Beta Test
2x Global Food Initiative ••
1x NAPD Contract
3x Project Vitruvius

Asset (10)
3x Adonis Campaign
3x Eve Campaign
3x Jackson Howard •••
1x PAD Campaign

Upgrade (8)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY
3x Breaker Bay Grid
2x Caprice Nisei ••••• •••
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (4)
1x Archived Memories
3x Hedge Fund

Barrier (5)
3x Eli 1.0
1x Heimdall 1.0
1x Wall of Static

Code Gate (6)
3x Enigma
1x Tollbooth ••
2x Turing

Sentry (7)
3x Architect
1x Assassin
2x Ichi 1.0
1x Ichi 2.0

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny

Deck built on

I’m curious what other people’s versions might look like, in terms of tech slots and ice etc. Is 3 NAPDs considered more usual in the agenda suite?

From practice, I’ve found Noise and certain DLR decks to be the hardest matchups, the latter of which seems alot less common since I’ve returned from my break.Criminals often seem to get to get taxed out by a slow, patient build up, though Leela with gang sign can cause trouble. Kate provides an interesting matchup but one that I’ve grown to like playing against. Overall the deck seems to perform very consistently.

The only slot in the above that I’m iffy on is Pad Campaign, which could probably be something more focussed. I just haven’t decided what yet.

How do people see Foodcoats developing as a deck? What are the biggest threats to it?

I personally like the Foodcats match-up when I’m on Whizzard, but if I’m playing anything else it’s just so oppressive. Even with Whizzard lists, I frequently find myself with 6 early points and then locked out for entire mid-game. Getting the fourth agenda is so difficult.

I think @bblum expressed that he wished he had played 2 Caprice at Worlds. It definitely makes your remote instantly impenetrable in Foodcoats. Generally I take one go at the (suspected) Caprice with Whizzard, and then swap to centrals if I lose the first psi-game, especially if the remote is any combination of Ichi 1.0, TB, Turing.

I consider the Foodcoats starter kit to be:

3 Adonis
3 Eve
3 Jackson
3 Ash
1 Caprice
1 Archived Memories
3 Hedge
3 Eli
3 Enigma
3 Turing
1 TB
3 Architect
2 Ichi 1.0
1 Assassin

Some prefer NAPD to Vitruvius. Lists with 2 Caprice should run more NAPD than PV, IMO. I do consider the third Turing non-negotiable, especially considering the resurgence of Eater and the prevalence of Faust.


I’m running Viktor 1.0s instead of the enigmas. Better against Faust and the second sub can’t be ignored by running last click. Slightly harder to parasite too.
Only other big difference is 2x Crisium Grid.

Here’s a breakdown of the HB decks in the top 16 at Worlds this year. It’s interesting to see some of the differences.


that chart is an amazing starting point.

look at it. make decisions. do it.

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I think Yoshi’s Foodcoats list from Worlds is an awesome evolution of HB FA. It is still strangely Foodcoats.

So lets talk about Assassin or Ichi 2.0. I have nothing to say about this but I am sure there are some strong opinions about this.

Ichi 2.0 all day. The runner can get lots of credits, they can only get 4 clicks :smile: (barring nonsense…)


Pretty much. I would never splash Ichi 2, but in faction I’d pick it over Assassin all day. Managing to trash a program is just icing on the tax cake.

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2 caprice is mandatory. I was stuck in my old ways of wanting to play as many tollbooths as possible, go slow, make lots of money, and beat them on ash traces. I didn’t realize that you gotta go fast to beat orange decks.

I played 0 enigma at worlds, cutting my last copy for a WoS the night before, being as it’s better against faust and I wanted a 4th barrier vs kate. The last tollbooth is also optional.

Here’s my skeleton:

Agenda (9)
Mandatory: 3 ABT, 2 food, 2 NAPD, 1 vitru
Optional: 3rd NAPD or 2nd vitru (I played 2nd vitru at worlds but regretted it.)

Money (12)
Mandatory: 3x hedge eve adonis BBG

Recursion (4 or 5)
Mandatory: 3 jackson 1 archived
Optional: 2nd archived (cut your 2nd cvs for this if you expect DLR val instead of noise)

Defense upgrades (6 or 7)
Mandatory: 2 ash, 2 caprice, 1 CVS
Optional: 3rd ash, 2nd CVS, 1 or 2 crisium

Ice (17)
Mandatory: 3 eli, 3 turing, 3 architect, 3 ichi 1.0, 1 ichi 2.0
Optional: 1 wraparound, 1 WoS, 1-2 toll (for kate), 1-2 assassin (for crim or siphon anarchs), 2nd ichi 2.0 (for noise)

If people in your area are running wild with nobo’s no-parasite kate, and for some reason no noise, you could be a really cool kid with 6 NEXT ice instead of so many sentries.


Is five Ichis a Noise/general meta thing? I played Dan’s deck a bunch casually and having a third of our ice basically blanked against early facechecks wasn’t fun. (Admittedly I am A Bad so I suspect I’m missing something.)

As a glacier deck you only care about facechecks if they have threat cards. Many of those cards are programs. Just give up single accesses early. Them having to get 4/9 agendas means that an early steal shouldn’t hurt too bad.

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Two questions: Why Archived Memories over Interns?

and with the dropping of Team Sponsorship, I feel like ABT goes back to being a mediocre 3/2. Would it be worth considering Advanced Concept Hopper once it comes out? (Or if HB gets any other decent 4/2)

Archived Memories does the same the thing in as many clicks as Interns, except it is more flexible.

EDIT: Okay I guess not 100% the same since Interns can save the install cost on ice. But Archived Memories is still more flexible and I think just better here.

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Why Interns over Archived Memories? You gain the install cost upside for the price of a huge list of downsides.


Yes I was wondering what that huge list of downsides is. You have to pick an installable card (which is any card in most lists but Hedge Fund) and you have to install it right away. That doesn’t seem so huge to me.

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I’m glad you asked this! I think interns is better than archived memories in some decks, especially ETF. I just think this isn’t one.

Interns can’t as easily retrieve an agenda that was beta tested, removes any hidden information when bouncing adonis/breaker bay/ash/caprice/cvs, and even the install cost avoided by using interns may not be worth your opponent being entirely sure which piece of ice is there on the remote. Hedge fund is another consideration, but admittedly I almost never arch mem for it.

I love interns and I don’t think it’s crazy to suggest interns is a flat upgrade for some lists, but I think this isn’t one of those cases.


It should be said that in some corner cases HQ is safer than your scoring remote. For obvious reasons.

I win a lot of games on “archived mem for adonis, casually shuffle HQ, install ABT”.


What are peoples thoughts on Crisium Grid? I’m pretty sold on it in the current meta, it’s great against DLR decks that want to Siphon spam, it’s solid against Kate, and it hurts decks trying to Apocalypse you. I think bblum was right when he put it in the optional category, but I like two over Tollbooth right now.


I agree with this. I took the rounded averages and put it together as a deck (-1 Crisium Grid +1 Wall of Static so as to not have 16 influence) and it plays solidly. Great point for figuring out what modifications to make to fit your personal play style with the deck.