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Forum Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Since the forums have been growing quite a bit lately, I thought that this would be useful.

The StimHack Forums are powered by Discourse, a new platform created to host email mailing lists, forums and chat rooms where you can type paragraphs. Discourse has some novel features, listed below, that make participation quick, easy and fun!

Sign in using Facebook, Twitter or Google

If you do not already have an account here on the forum you can quickly create one and start participating immediately - without creating yet another password to remember! Just select SIGN IN and then choose your preferred account to use. The rest should be easy. Next time you can use whichever account you want, as long as the email address you use is the same.

Use “markdown” to format your posts

If you click a link on the formatting bar when adding a post you’ll see some weird codes appear in the text. Take a look at this page to learn the markdown codes you can use - it’s incredibly powerful and quick and easy once you get the hang of it.

Use “emoji” smileys to express your feelings :smiley: :wink: :sunny: :waxing_crescent_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :dancer: :broken_heart: :heart:

More than 100 emoji images can be used to embellish your posts to express your feelings! To trigger emoji autocomplete, start typing a : colon then some characters.

Use @name to mention someone to make sure they see your post

Like on Twitter and Facebook, it is possible here to mention someone to get their attention and make sure they see your post. They will get a notification as soon as you save your post. To trigger it, type @ and then start typing their name or username. Discourse will autocomplete. So typing @SneakySly will make sure I see it. You can also mention a group in the same way and it will automagically mention everyone in the group.

Embed a preview of another forum post

You can easily reference another post by just grabbing the URL from there (look for the link button under the post) and inserting it on a line by itself and it will automagically be presented like the example below.

Embed a video in your post.

Just stick the URL of a youtube or vimeo video on a line by itself and it will automatically be embedded in your post. This link http://youtu.be/8tmuitpkFYo on its own line produces this:

Embed an anonymous poll in your post

Source: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-should-we-implement-polls/11911/40

Make your topic title start with "Poll: " and include a list in your post. The first list will be used.

Intro text

  • Some list
  • Some list con’t

Email settings and Newsletter Digests

Here is what the default email settings are - you can change them to suit your personal preferences. We do suggest you get the digests (daily, weekly or every two weeks) and immediate emails when you are mentioned or someone replies to topics you are involved in.


Question about adding deck list-is there any special way to add deck lists? I ask because I see people’s lists with cards linked to Netrunnerdb.

It’s easy, really - go to nrdb, choose a deck, “more”, then “Markdown (Reddit)” and copy-paste what you get there into your Stimhack post. Ta-da!


I set up a Netrunner stream: http://www.twitch.tv/crunchumz
I don’t know the right thread to post to about it, so I’m posting here in the hopes that someone can help me out

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