Forum Update: Discourse 1.3

As you might be able to tell from some of the visual changes, we just updated our forums to the latest version of Discourse. This update gives us:

A Cleaner, Sexier Style
You can see the style improvements all around the forum, just take a look!

User Directory
A user directory at /users which lets you see where users are on a variety of sortable metrics, including read time, posts, and days visited.

More Flexible Invites
You can now invite existing users to a topic, not just new users via email

Better Performance
You should see better performance on the client with a Ember 1.11 upgrade which offers a 30% speed boost!

New and Improved Polls

We now have easy poll features that you can use in your topics.To make polls just format them like this:

- Option A
- Option B
- Option C

You can then get things like this:

Which Runner Faction is Sexiest

  • Criminal
  • Anarch
  • Shaper

0 voters


If you want to allow multiple choices, you only need to add “type=multiple” to the tag, like so:

[poll type=multiple name=multiple]
- Option A
- Option B
- Option C

This will produce the following poll (note the help text)

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C

0 voters


This 3rd type of polls is about numbers. It can be used when you want to grade or rate something.

If you use the following syntax:

[poll type=number name=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

It will automatically generate a list of numbers from “min” to “max”, and the result of the poll is the average of all of the votes:

[poll type=number name=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

Anyway, those are the main changes from this upgrade.
Let us know what you think!


Saw it this morning, love it!

Not really seeing the sleekness upgrades - but it could be just me not realizing what the differences are from before :smile:

Any before-after screenshots?

I’ve also noticed that forum now can push notifications (at least in Chrome), which is nice.

Also, is there some kind of “load entire discussion” option? When I’m on shitty connection (or airplane), it’d be nice to be able to go through entire topics offline.

I still see @Stiv his ugly face every time he posts, can we do something about that

(Still love you man)

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I don’t, but just for starters look at the circular avatars vs square. Smaller category footprint, and no more zebra lining.

I don’t believe so.

Hottest forum on the 'net just got hotter


isnt ‘users’ tab a privacy violation?

I don’t see how? Its just open information that was already on user profiles.

Edit: Do you have any specific concerns?

total visits are not on user’s profile afaik

The forum definitely looks a lot sexier. Love it.

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This is a hot, hot forum


Option B represent. Step it up gang!

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can’t resist:

[poll type=number name=number min=45 max=46][/poll]

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I gotta say, I am super-happy with the Discourse forum. It’s easily my favorite out of everything I’ve encounted. I feel like this is where forums are heading in the future if they’re to survive, and those of us in cyberpunk land get to experience it first.


My only complaint is that threads that I have read everything in no longer turn grey, so it’s harder to tell what actually has new posts in it for me to read if for some reason it doesn’t give me the little blue number.

You gotta mark the thread as tracking for that - you should always get the indicator in that case. It auto-tracks if you post in it or you read it for long enough (forget the default, changeable in your preferences).


Not as hot as Dumpster’s Children.

Chrome just asked if it was OK to have this forum send notifications. Is that new?

(of course I said yes #stimaddict)

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Yup, that’s new. We need your authorization to annoy you though :wink:

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Nice. Love it.

Using this forum software is like utilizing the hottest porn one has available to get aroused. Then, if I go somewhere antiquated like BGG, that forum software is the anti-erection.


Are the ads new, or have they always been there? I kinda might have ABP on my desktop browser but when browsing the mobile site I dodn’t think I’ve seen any before.

(edit i have no problem with ads; I’m not trying to pick a fight about ads)