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Free Mars Community Review and Meta Predictions

I am not an expert on the matchup but I think Sync can make it hard for you if they flip their ID. They will have to pay to trash the Wireless Network Pavilions but after that all your resources are free to trash. I guess you might have to build up a few resources before going tag me. And just hope they do not get a couple of Breaking News scored and can kill you before then.

I think once you go tag-me, you should be able to stop them from killing you with Obelus. I guess you would then need to get enough tags to Counter Surveillance all the agendas in one turn because Exchange of Information and Quantum Predictive Models are cards.

Tithonium a Poor Archer?

Archer now is unplayable, because derezz effects, and you had to be score the agenda first and is a mandatory sacrifice. Here the sacrifice is only surprise effect (and works). Play Tit in Skorpio with battys, also with sandburg in other archetype, and simply gives games.

Best defense is handy but you had to find it, and some time simply the deja vu the obelus, before make any discards. This archetype is nut (and NPE in my taste), and they still think in DLR (wich some people adds for cumulative effect to kill the game i suppose).

Just because I enjoy a challenge and like to buck trends, I’m going to slot O2Shortage in my Jinteki deck and report back when I use it to get a kill. I’ll even be intellectually honest and make sure my deck wouldn’t have had the kill that turn or sooner otherwise.

I don’t think it’s a fantastic card, but it certainly doesn’t qualify for Worst Card EVAR!