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Free Mars Community Review and Meta Predictions

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/free-mars-community-review-and-meta-predictions/

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This is the cycle where Econ Creep got real.

I still think of Open Forum as a way to set up Accelerated Diagnostics combos in Weyland without also having to buy Hasty’s, and you might not actually care about what the other two cards are. You just want to do something else on your turn and then fire a triple. Like, say, installing a agenda or a CVS. Granted, that’s going away in a couple of months… maybe there’ll be something to replace it in the next cycle?

I do wish it had a bit higher trash cost. A 5 or 6 probably would be fair.

It’s not a bad thought. A little limited given AD is a pack and a bit from rotating though.

Heck, I just literally had a game where Forum did some pretty good work on card draw and protecting R&D. Just constantly tossing a piece of ICE on top of it.

And then Indexing happened, and I lost six points of agendas in one turn.

Now THERE is a card I can’t wait to rotate.

Imagine if Bloo Moose read “When your turn begins, you may gain 2c. If you do, the corp may remove one card in your heap from the game”.

Now that would be an interesting card that forced a change in deckbuilding instead of this busto auto-include that’s going to make “real netrunner” even more futile than it is today.


Weird thought as I’m reading the article: Why does Data Loop have that first subroutine? Like… Why? At best it costs a Corroder one more credit to get through…?

Just… Kinda weird to look at it and realize it actually has a first sub, too.

At best it makes tag-me Quetzal install a breaker instead of going through it with just her ability.



They said you don’t have to be a high-level competitive player to contribute to this article. They have only themselves to blame for my contributions here.

Love your (and every other “non high-level” player’s) contributions :D.


About Metamorph: I guess cute trick people will be trying with it will be advancing a Junebug many times, then building a server of Metamorph + several copies of Batty and scoring agendas there, once the runner goes to steal, using 4.3 action window to try to switch the agenda for the Junebug.

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Re: Bloo Moose, obligatory “lol what playtesting/development” joke here.


Soooooo… the real takeaway here is…

Blacklist new meta?

NBN has a few of these ice that become more taxing if the runner is tagged during the run because they have subroutines that could otherwise be ignored. I think Damon had a desire to add an “ice becomes more taxing while tagged” angle to NBN with these designes.

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My hope in being able to help the game surviving locally were low but they were there. Bloo Moose makes me think I should just give up and play Terraforming Mars instead.


Terraforming Mars is just the prequel for the Free Mars pack anyway…

I’m not entirely sure the article appreciates how bonkers Mars for Martians is.

Account Syphon spam + God of War + Mars for Martians + Counter Surveillance + Mercs + Obelus + Dean Lister + Joshua + whatever toys you might want to include is nuts.

Maybe that’s not true for the top line of players and I miss something. But I have won about 25 games on Jnet casual in a row now and won half my matches in the competitive lobby (and played like a moron in the ones I lost … in some of those I won too). And I’m a mid level player (at best!).

Even if there are some really bad matchup for this and it doesn’t get to warp the “professional” meta, this wipes the floor with a lot of corps that do see play. And it definitely isn’t encouraging corp types that want to build and take their time.

This archetype worries me …so …pleaaase tell me that I get something wrong here (and what).


I think that it is a really strong archetype, but I’m not sure there has been enough adjustment on the corp side to assess its overall strength yet. For instance, I’ve recently started slotting in a couple Best Defense-- does knocking out Obelus repeatedly shut the deck down? Post-rotation, will it survive when Fall Guy, Joshua B, and E3 rotate?

Joshua makes it better, but I think it can do without (it’s a hit though). E3 I dont even use. Fall Guy is also a nice to have I think… I slotted one; makes it easier to survive for sure. Best Defense: Yeah…that’s a blow.


The deck doesn’t play E3. Joshua will be a bit of a loss indeed, but it’s not required for the deck to work. Fall Guy will be replaced by Dummy Box, and most important resources are single use, so it’s not so important anyway.

Also, I realized the chances are very good I just reinstall Obelus. I play 3 of them + 3 Deja Vu. Tough nut to crack.