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Full 'official' content sparring decks


Now that we have a definitive list of FFG-produced cards, it would be nice to have sparring decks that anybody could build for each faction and have them lying around in the corner if anybody wants to play. I know @TheBigBoy and @beyoken have had some in the past and i’ve liked them a lot! Maybe it would be cool to have them updated to the full cardpool?

What do you guys think?


I would love to see a list of decklists, tier 1 decks, tier 1.5 decks, tier 2 decks etc.

I would love to have “full official” duel decks from NISEI.
Once a new cycle from Nisei is produced they release a new decklist with some (or all) of the newly “printed” cards for each new ID and for the 3 mini factions (and any faction which didn´t get a new ID).
10 decks, balanced against each other, using the new cards.


Other things that would be nice:

History of Netrunner decks:
Sparring, balanced pairs of decks from past eras of the meta. I only started playing aroind Kitiara and am interested in early takes on the game and would appreciate a more definitive list of past games that were interesting.

Interesting matches decks.
Sometimes you randomly have a really cool game that feels so unique and distinct and it would be neat to remember those kind of matches. I played a synche deck that didn’t have any meat damage against a tag-me Haley recently that was so unique and fun. Or a Leela vs Builder of Nations game that has these really interesting decisions. I wish I made a note more often of those interesting matches and had a list of them to share somewhere.

Deck building was a major barrier to entry that nearly put my group off the game at first. Once we found netdecks and jnet, the experience of playing cool decks was a real “oh, i see why this game rules” moment. Dueling decks are how new players should start and dexk building shouldn’t come until a player has some games under their belt. It would be great if Niesei promoted the dueling deck intro to hook new players.

Even a couple of standard “teaching decks” would be supremely useful for new players.


You may find this list useful: https://goo.gl/oK21cE. It’s pairs of decks as you describe, which players in #uk have used previously for “Blast from the past” type games.


Sorry for the necro, but time ago there were some teaching decks. Now I’m trying to hook up some friends to NR, but those decks are obsolete.

Anyone knows a couple of decks “straightfoward” to teach new recruits?



While I agree that sparring decks using the full official pool would be nice, in terms of teaching, I’ve used beyoken’s set of lists to nice effect. Less “obsolete” than “fundamentals”, IMHO.



I will take a look to those decks, thanks!

Also, I’ve found team convenant teaching decks. They are pretty good https://teamcovenant.com/learning/android-netrunner/shaper-rielle-kit-peddler-starter-deck


The bigboi teaching decks are great too.


There they are.