Full 'official' content sparring decks

Now that we have a definitive list of FFG-produced cards, it would be nice to have sparring decks that anybody could build for each faction and have them lying around in the corner if anybody wants to play. I know @TheBigBoy and @beyoken have had some in the past and i’ve liked them a lot! Maybe it would be cool to have them updated to the full cardpool?

What do you guys think?


I would love to see a list of decklists, tier 1 decks, tier 1.5 decks, tier 2 decks etc.

I would love to have “full official” duel decks from NISEI.
Once a new cycle from Nisei is produced they release a new decklist with some (or all) of the newly “printed” cards for each new ID and for the 3 mini factions (and any faction which didn´t get a new ID).
10 decks, balanced against each other, using the new cards.


Other things that would be nice:

History of Netrunner decks:
Sparring, balanced pairs of decks from past eras of the meta. I only started playing aroind Kitiara and am interested in early takes on the game and would appreciate a more definitive list of past games that were interesting.

Interesting matches decks.
Sometimes you randomly have a really cool game that feels so unique and distinct and it would be neat to remember those kind of matches. I played a synche deck that didn’t have any meat damage against a tag-me Haley recently that was so unique and fun. Or a Leela vs Builder of Nations game that has these really interesting decisions. I wish I made a note more often of those interesting matches and had a list of them to share somewhere.

Deck building was a major barrier to entry that nearly put my group off the game at first. Once we found netdecks and jnet, the experience of playing cool decks was a real “oh, i see why this game rules” moment. Dueling decks are how new players should start and dexk building shouldn’t come until a player has some games under their belt. It would be great if Niesei promoted the dueling deck intro to hook new players.

Even a couple of standard “teaching decks” would be supremely useful for new players.

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You may find this list useful: Blast lists - Google Docs. It’s pairs of decks as you describe, which players in #uk have used previously for “Blast from the past” type games.

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Sorry for the necro, but time ago there were some teaching decks. Now I’m trying to hook up some friends to NR, but those decks are obsolete.

Anyone knows a couple of decks “straightfoward” to teach new recruits?


While I agree that sparring decks using the full official pool would be nice, in terms of teaching, I’ve used beyoken’s set of lists to nice effect. Less “obsolete” than “fundamentals”, IMHO.

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I will take a look to those decks, thanks!

Also, I’ve found team convenant teaching decks. They are pretty good Learning Netrunner: Kit Starter Deck - Shaper | TC


The bigboi teaching decks are great too.

There they are.