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Gagarin Appreciation Thread

Well 24/7 IS one inf less than scorched earth, how to get that second tag though. That is what makes Traffic Accident so incredibly infuriating in Weyland.

I’m under no delusions that it is a top tier deck. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and to see what their experiences with it were.

yeah, I feel like any flatline plan right now has to bring some tutoring effects to the table to bring a 2x scorch threat ASAFP. makes me think titan might be the right place for this type of idea- that however, is a topic for another thread.

I still think Midseasons is a good shout. You get a helluva tagging mechanic for the same inf as importing scorch into NBN and there is no other available option for 2 or more. Contract Killers to deal with Film Critic, or a single Snatch n Grab. You should be able to get a single advanced Atlas at least. We are Weyland after all!

Then run the 24/7’s anyway, so it’s kinda like they did for Haarp. Just another route to a kill manoeuvre. And once you have a Posted Bounty and Hostile scored, well I know how often I can hold a scorch or two as Weyland. It’s game on.

But :frowning: I never wanna sack agenda’s as Weyland though. Closing is always an issue.

I do want to point out:
For 6 Agendas, you can do:
Government Contracts x3, Government Takeover, High-Risk Investment, Project Atlas. (20 Agenda Points)

Project Atlas is hella useful for Gagarin in particular, at least until they figure out you aren’t on that plan. It’ll make them check your facedowns. Also allows you to tutor the Punitive kill.

I’m not sure on the Contracts vs HRI split. I’ve been running 2 Contracts - 3 HRI - Utopia - Atlas for a while, but I’ve got a rather different plan… Ultimately I feel the single extra deck slot isn’t worth the Takeover, but I’m not trying to Punitive the runner.

Argus just seems sooooo much better for Mushin than Gagarin.

Why not advance the Mushin’d card one more time to 4? A 4 advance card is very hard to play right. It’s just basically a coin-flip, either it’s 3-4 agenda points for either side or 8 net, 4 tags, or 4 brain. But maybe it’s a more a discussion for:

No worries, the Space Camp tech was only for the lulz.


You know, that was actually a math fail on my part. I was thinking that a 4-advanced Junebug would chew through a 6 card hand, but leave the runner alive. It never ocurred to me that 4x2=8. 3am math!

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For Gagarin, I cannot fathom it beating out TT for a flatline deck ala butcher shop. Atlas gives you either a free score during an appropriate score window (probably into another Atlas) OR a piece of your kill combo and 2 more influence.

If the Jackson tax didn’t exist, it MIGHT even be a decent flatline deck.

Back to Gagarin. Anyone think Ghoda Temple will be worth a shot? I am thinking, it might be worth a try as they are The Root, with only half the utility as The Root.

But lately I have been so frustrated with my income out of Gagarin and this doesn’t solve my problem at all.

I was thinking I’d probably chuck these in over Expo Grid to try out. They seem pretty nice, and are less conditional than Expo. With my deck at exactly 15 ICE anyhow, it’s a strait swap. Gonna try them out on proxy this week to see where it lands =)


Gagarin is in a bad spot with all the keyhole, apocalypse, siphon, medium, parasite spam (kenny) maxx decks everywhere. It has to protect too much and it already wants to play slow while maxx is finding everything she wants fast. I don’t think this ID is playable right now for a tournament. I do however think it’s a fine deck to continue building towards.

ps: Don’t build trap in weyland. Look at the influence. It’s terrible, and I’m being pretty modest here…I really am.

I actually feel that MaxX is one of the strongest matchups. Yes, you need to dodge an early-game Keyhole, but other than that your mid- to late-game is brutally strong. Crisium, Sealed Vault, and Blacklist do work. As a rule of thumb, if the MaxX player does the Levy dance without stealing any agendas, they’re in trouble.


surprised to hear you find that favorable. Most of the lists aren’t on keyhole just some. how does this work against Kenny maxx where they just parasite spam and medium really hard?

That’s a great question. @SimonMoon and I are asking the same thing :slight_smile: We decided to play sometime soon to find out.

Hi all,

I’ve been away from Gagarin for a bit – anyone have thoughts on Mumba Temple there? I’ve generally played The Root but Mumba Temple, rather than being a must trash, might end up getting used more.

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Yeah, I threw a couple in my Gagarin Deck that I wrote about in place of the Expo Grids I used to have in that slot. I figured that as much as I liked the Grids, Mumba Temple is less situational, and has the additional upside of creating more remotes for the runner to check. But using them to rez PADs, ICE, Ash… there’s so much value in them. The best thing I’ve done so far is use 2 of them to rez The Root, and then used The Root to advance an Oaktown. So awesome.


They seem really solid in that slot. Any long term assets that are useful for most of the game and that will stay around are worth it in this build.

Honestly that is the only thing I dislike about cards like public sympathy and launch campaign, that they will inevitably trash themselves. If they stay around on the table, they at least give your tour guides an extra sub.

I think that Mumba Temple is a great pick in the Ash-based builds. It’s solid economy.

BTW, ended up fifth at the Compleat Strat Store Championship (21 players). Sadly, that’s more of a mark of shame for Gagarin, cause all of my three losses were Corp … including an especially embarrassing turn one loss (Keyhole, hit R&D for Hostile Takeover, hit R&D for Government Takeover, run Archives).


Brutal =(