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[Gagarin] Paywall Gagarin


I’m posting this deck because i’m seeing a crazy amount of success with it rolling around on jinteki. I know that’s not quite a competitive environment, but the deck isn’t optimal yet and I’m seeing some pretty stellar results and could use some help with tweaks.

The deck basically generates insane advantage, to the point that it’s very hard for even wizzard players to trash everything. It fights the faust machine by having very taxing servers which are hard to run, and ash who requires you to run them twice if you have the econ advantage (I’ve almost never not had the econ advantage, even against the current wizzard).

Something like pop up/icewall protecting a pad + expo is going to net you 2 credits a turn and cost between 6-10 to clear and 2/3 credits + 3 clicks to set up. If it’s actually pop up blocking the server with paywall up (optimal but not unreasonable) the net credit swing in your favor if they clear the whole thing is 7-11. Anything beyond that is gravy and usually quite easy to set up.

Once you get paywall out you can just bluff agendas for days while dropping team sponsorship naked and throwing launch/pad/public sympathy in your scoring server to waste resources and clicks (i’ll even play public naked and recur it with interns). I routinely get +5 or more (much, much, more) out of my paywalls.

Corp town hitting wyldeside, especially just AFTER a baited run with any sort of code gate protection can be hell for an anarch to deal with and basically shut them down. This is probably stronger than it should be right now because no one knows the deck, so they ditch their extra wyldesides early, and then have to either fire levy super early on or draw through their deck like madmen with clicks and IHW if I get it off.

My main issue is that it feels VERY heavy on econ. My last game with a leela had me floating 40 credits at times, and that’s with basically all my ice rezzed. The only output for that is ash given that cadecous is likely never going to fire more than once.

I’d like to find room for a little more ice (another spiderweb and then something else…not sure what), a second cyberdex, and then possibly drop a pop up for an ice wall/quandry, and put in junebug. Weylands don’t run traps, this has a ton of econ, and faust being card heavy is hell, especially given lots of multi subroutine ice. A lot of players pay to install carapace and start dropping IHW to dig their deck, and I think june might just be the perfect game ender.

Any thoughts or ideas? Heck I’d like if someone who’s a little better could just give it a shot and see how it stands up in stronger play. I think there’s merit here.

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