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Game Kastle Fremont Game Night

Game Kastle Fremont Netrunner Event
Phone: (510)651-4263
Website: http://www.gamekastle.com/

When: See below for latest date.
Start Time: 1 PM
Where: Game Kastle Fremont, 3911 Washington Blvd, Fremont, CA, Parking is in the back
Prizes: Season 3 Game Night Kit
Cost: $5

Come on down for a Season 3 game night of Netrunner at Game Kastle Fremont. Steal agendas right out from under the servers of those dastardly Corporations or ruthlessly track down and eliminate the criminal Runners snooping where they shouldn’t. Please bring deck list if able or show up thirty minutes before hand to fill out a deck list. Hope to see a lot of people there!

Hey everyone, just updating this to be more generalized. Figured I shouldn’t make a new thread for each event. :smile:

Speaking of which, the next event at Game Kastle Fremont will be held Saturday the 19th of April. I wont be able to attend due to family obligations but there will be another there to run the event and I hope to hear of a great turn out. I look forward to see everyone at the next one.

The prize support for this event will be a 2014 Season 1 Game Night Kit.

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