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Games With Commentary

I’ve started recording my OCTGN games with live commentary and posting them on Youtube. I’m aiming to post games at least twice a week with a focus on some lesser-played archetypes.

From this weekend I have six games playing a variant of Chris Hinkes’s winning Jinteki: PE from the Boston regional, and two games playing Nasir with Atman.

Once Stimhack’s league starts up I’ll be posting my games from that league also.

I’m very new to doing commentary so all feedback and (constructive) criticism is greatly appreciated!


I’ll Definitely check this out when I get home from work. @DJhedgehog and I discussed possibly doing something similar.

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Subscribed, will check some out today and tomorrow!

awesome, always looking for more channels like this. once I have some more experience I’m gonna start doing the same

I put a couple more games up, and should be recording again tonight. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback!

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I’ve taken a look at one of the games, but they are waaay too slow. On occasion I’ve pushed the slider 10 minutes up and all that has changed was 1 new program and 1 rezed ice.

Speed up the game :smile:

If I understand you correctly, you skipped through one of the games, pushed the slider 10 minutes one time, and concluded that they are all too slow.

The average game posted is 20-30 minutes, in line with the duration of a physical game. I have no control over the speed of my opponent, and I have never had someone complain that I play slowly. Rushing through and making snap judgements is neither entertaining or educational for anyone involved.


Nah, I watched one game (the Nasir vs Weyland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwMApHzrTvQ) and that one was like 50 minutes long? After 25 minutes, the game was at the same score as it was after 1 minute, so I decided to skip a bit and have seen that in the 8 minutes (from 24 to 32 minutes) nothing major has happened. At that point I’ve lost interest.

I am not trying to hurt your feelings, I’m just saying as a consumer of your product what I don’t like about that one that I have seen. You can take it as input (and either disregard or accept it) or get all defensive :smile:

It’s a good insight into how Nassir plays, so if other ones are not 50 minutes long, I might take a look at them :smile:


I would appreciate it if you upped you mic game.

I also think it flows better when it’s continually recording vs. Voice detection/push to talk.

Thanks for the work

The other three Nasir games are 14, 21, and 25 minutes long. My feelings are not hurt, I’m just genuinely mystified that you felt comfortable generalizing to every game from a single data point.

@ericbtool: Ok, I’ll try that. With a higher gain I had the problem that background noise was also louder. Maybe bringing the mic closer and having the same gain will work too.

Does anyone know of an easy way to extract the audio track from my mp4, run Audacity’s noise remover, and then replace the audio in the mp4?

Clearly, he is not your target audience, lets just move on before this becomes something other than what it is intended to be. I thought bwbi was a cool match, and idk who @Jdalart is, but you can tell he is a next-level player for sure.


That was the first time in like six months I played against BWBI, had no idea what to expect. That poor Hadrian’s Wall.

What would have been great is if after you had installed an Atman at 7, he then rezzed a Wraparound. :smiley:

Just wanted to note I’m up to 25 videos, including many interesting ones from Stimhack league. Check 'em out if you haven’t already and subscribe!

I’m also taking requests - post if you want me to play something specific and I’ll see what I can do. I’m always on the lookout for neat decks that are at least semi-competitive.


I was surprised to see two games with me on there. Go Noiseshop! That deck is still great …even though I lost that one. It’s cool that you’re playing with/against some non-standard archetypes.

However, do you ask your opponents before recording? I say that because I personally don’t remember you asking if that’s okay to record/post our games (for the record, I don’t care at all myself, but I can’t speak for others). Or maybe OCTGN prompts you and I didn’t even notice?

So far I haven’t been asking people, and everyone who contacted me after seeing their games has been happy.

If someone complains, I’ll certainly take down their video and then re-evaluate this policy.

I’ve been asked before by another person.

I think it’s good form to ask at the beginning. That way you cover your ass if you actually offend someone.


I’m happy as long as you don’t show to many of me losing :slight_smile:

I’d love to see your take on a Reina Chess deck without Siphons.

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Perhaps I am wrong since we arent generally using real names on OCTGN, but I always assumed there were legal ramifications of recording someone who doesn’t know that are being recorded and publishing it for the public. Either way, I think it’s common courtesy to ask, I know I always do.