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German Nationals Winner gets sent to Worlds (10 - 12-Jan-2020)

We are proud to announce that the upcoming German Nationals will send the Winner to Worlds 2020!
As we can afford it, we considered what to do with the leftover money and we want to continue the tradition of sending the German Champion to Worlds (we are sorry @Pinsel that it didn’t work out for you 2018, but you have a place in our heart and a 2nd chance).
So what are we going to do? We don’t know the number of attendees, so we can’t guarantee the amount of money we can dedicate to this, but we estimate it will be at least 400 EUR. That should help make the trip to next worlds and it will go the highest placed player of the tournament (regardless of nationality) going to next Worlds, rumors say it’s going to be on the other side of the ocean and if not, help yourself to a nice hotel!

That’s it everyone, German Nats (2019) 10 - 12-Jan-2020 in Nurnberg, 3 day event with Team Event on Friday (“König von Deutschland”), regular Swiss on Saturday, Top Cut and many side events on Sunday and the new Uprising cards being legal. For more info visit ABR early bird registration until 30-Nov-2019, we are expecting at least 40 players, but hope for 60+.

Register on slack for #germany-nationals to get updates or this thread here in the forum.

Some scoops, this is one of the two cards we are going to publish on German Nats. And the Winners of König von Deutschland will not only get crowns, they will also get 3x bathrobes to show what they have achieved.
On top of that, a Paulaner Food goes to very participant.


German Nats Update
Heyho, Christmas is coming and we passed the Early Bird time line. So far we have 52 confirmed registrations / tickets sold. Thank you so much for you support!
We thank you for your trust and we will ensure this will be a wonderful event!
We are still hoping for more people from outside of Germany!
So what’s up?

  1. We have 6 teams for “König von Deutschland” (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2351/german-nationals-warm-up-knig-von-deutschland), please fill out the spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JJY9pOQWyxKDNnAhFmxTPqKLgB_ywuCICyIOWApntk8/edit?usp=sharing). If you don’t have a team yet, we will help you find one! As experience shows that people do drop out at the last minute, opening up some spots, you can also decide to come spontaneously. If you do, we recommend bringing decks for two different sides so it’s easier to fill out a team.
  2. Side Events are fixed in time. The following schedule will apply and has been updated on ABR. FAnd registration already looks kind of dope! Please remember last game ends at around 18:00!
    Block 1 & 2: (9:00 - 17:30)
    Draft (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2380/german-nationals-side-event-draft)
    Block 1 (9:00 - 13:00)
    Eternal (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2378/german-nationals-side-event-eternal)
    Sealed (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2376/german-nationals-side-event-sealed)
    NetForger (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2377/german-nationals-side-event-netforger)
    Block 2 (13:30 - 17:30)
    Chess Runner (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2374/german-nationals-side-event-chess-runner)
    CoreXP (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2379/german-nationals-side-event-core-experience)
    German Nationals Random ID Swap Extravaganza (https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2461/german-nationals-random-id-swap-extravaganza)
    If you want to play Netforger or Sealed please register and contact 5N00P1.ANR@gmail.com until 28-Dec-2019 including the event you want to participate in, so that he can send you you card lists on 29-Dec-2019! For all the other formats, we appreciate if you register online, but you can show up during the event, or don’t show, both is fine with us.
  3. Bazar! We will host an artist’s bazar after the Friday Event “König von Deutschland” we offer to host this event so you can meet artists that trade or sell their cards and you are invited to bring you Netrunner Stuff you want to trade or get a look into Tradons magic trading folder. Time is not set yet, but it will start directly after the ceremony for “König von Deutschland”.
  4. Uprising Cards! Tradon will order cards for Germany and maybe this is the cheapest way to get the cards! Last time we had > 100 kits ordered and they can be delivered to German Nats for you. Take this chance and follow the link: https://forms.gle/oYaChKJi2Aw4jLpu7 the orga crew of German Nats is using this service too.
  5. Did we say 52 registrations? You don’t believe how proud we are and we are looking forward meeting all you fine people in Nürnberg!
  6. Prizes! Besides everything else we have announced there will be 18x foil SSLs based on EFEs SSLs only available at this event! We don’t know how we give them out yet, but not (only) to the winner of events! The Pa(u)laners have already arrived and we have some that are signed. Keep this in mind! . We have kind of spoilered the Tradon card so, this is another one Colossus image . For every side event you are attending (until the end & we will take care of you Drafters!), you will get 1x Colossus (and another card), including “König von Deutschland” that makes it up to 3 side events.
    Short reminder:
    We start Friday 10-Jan at 14:00 (Registration 13:00)
    We end Sunday 12-Jan at 18:00 (planned until 17:30)

OK, some updates.

  1. The MWL 3.4 will apply for the event! No change is coming in.
    So the legal card pool will be the current Standard + Uprising - Luna - Creation & Control (keep in mind the cards in System Core 2019!)
    Corp list of rotating cards:
    Runner list of rotating cards:

  2. ChocoLAT
    we have done it… we hacked the Switzerland Servers and got some impressive loot… ChocoLAT. Thank you to #met4 & vesper for supporting us… some ChocoLAT on it’s way to German Nats…

and the most up to date spoiler

Some more Updates…

  • We have 66 registrations until today & 20 teams for the Team event on Friday (KvD- König von Deutschland).
  • This card was also spoiled having 2 Netrunner Celebrities on it…
  • Thursday 09 will be a group going for Burgers:
    Five Diner
    90403 NÜRNBERG
  • Tickets are still available and we are looking forward meeting you
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I heard there might have been some recording of games. Any info on VOD?

This is true, there was recording and I hope to have it available during the next days, but it might take up to the weekend.
When it’s available it will be posted here.

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That’s great. Thanks!

German Nationals is over.

And looking back it was an amazing event! 75 people playing in the main event, which is more than in most recent years where we had around 65 players. Plus, 22 teams played in the “König von Deutschland” Team event. In addition, we had a lot of side events running, which were: 2 Cube Drafts, NetForger, Eternal, Core XP, Deck Swap Extravaganza and one Standard Side event.

We are really proud of the event, we enjoyed the location very much (the plumbing not so much, though). There were some issues with the room assignments on Friday and Sunday, but we are still very happy about how it turned out and enjoyed to collaborate with the Deutsches Spiele Archiv Nürnberg - playing a “dead game” in an Games Archive (they have a collection of 30.000 games starting from 1945 in that building)…

Congratulation to Oliver aka Pinsel, our current World Champion, to win German Nationals 2019 and defending his title from last year! As well as percomis / Peter from Hungary making 2nd place and Heinzel / Phillip landing at a respectable 3rd place! And of course our new “Könige von Deutschland” Team “New Werld Erder” with Percomis, Dome and Testrunning. For detailed results see ABR Main Event & ABR Event Overview

So we promissed some things, so we can officially announce some numbers:

  • We have donated 350 EUR to the Spiele Archiv, they did not ask for it, but we want to show our gratitude to them hosting us
  • The highest placing participant will be supported with 830 EUR to go to next Worlds, which we heard will be over the Ocean this year. Meaning if Pinsel is not going, we will support the travel of percomis and so on! So it’s not a cash prize, it is the support to really travel there.
  • We promised games recordings, they are done and we can confirm they are in our hands! Upload for commentating is currently running. So we try to get them to you before next rotation! :slight_smile:

Photos can be found here:

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Thank you all soooo much for this wonderful event and all the effort you did put into organizing!!