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German Nationals Winner gets sent to Worlds (10 - 12-Jan-2020)

We are proud to announce that the upcoming German Nationals will send the Winner to Worlds 2020!
As we can afford it, we considered what to do with the leftover money and we want to continue the tradition of sending the German Champion to Worlds (we are sorry @Pinsel that it didn’t work out for you 2018, but you have a place in our heart and a 2nd chance).
So what are we going to do? We don’t know the number of attendees, so we can’t guarantee the amount of money we can dedicate to this, but we estimate it will be at least 400 EUR. That should help make the trip to next worlds and it will go the highest placed player of the tournament (regardless of nationality) going to next Worlds, rumors say it’s going to be on the other side of the ocean and if not, help yourself to a nice hotel!

That’s it everyone, German Nats (2019) 10 - 12-Jan-2020 in Nurnberg, 3 day event with Team Event on Friday (“König von Deutschland”), regular Swiss on Saturday, Top Cut and many side events on Sunday and the new Uprising cards being legal. For more info visit ABR early bird registration until 30-Nov-2019, we are expecting at least 40 players, but hope for 60+.

Register on slack for #germany-nationals to get updates or this thread here in the forum.

Some scoops, this is one of the two cards we are going to publish on German Nats. And the Winners of König von Deutschland will not only get crowns, they will also get 3x bathrobes to show what they have achieved.
On top of that, a Paulaner Food goes to very participant.