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[Germany / Berlin] Hack the Egg 2.0 (Fun Tournament)

This is based on Hack the Egg 1.0 and the experiences made out of it.

German description of the tournament at ABR.

What: Hack the Egg 2.0 (Fun Tournament for Beginners & Regulars)
When: 7-Apr-2018, Registration 10:00, Start 10:30 (break around 14:00 - 14:30, end around 18:00)
Location: KahveRengi, Wollankstraße 99, 13359 Berlin, Germany
Participation: 5 EUR + minimum 5 EUR (recommended 10 EUR) which you should consume at least in the location (7 EUR registration after 24-Mar-2018)
Deck lists: not required
Registration: when possible, please use alwaysberunning.net, so I know the number of participants. Otherwise send me an e-mail: 5N00P1.ANR@gmail.com
Maximum participants: 30
Tournament Organizer (TO): 5N00P1
Card Language: English or German (printed quality Proxies & Fan Alt Arts allowed)
Legal Cards: not defined yet
Questions discussion: TBC


Ultra Cache Refresh: 1 Revised Core (e.g. only 1 Stimhack, 2 Nisei Mk II and others!) + 1 Deluxe (or Terminal Directive) + all data packs from kitara cycle that tournament legal. Differently to Cache Refresh it means 1 Deluxe for Corp & Runner and only the latest Cycle! Please keep this in mind.

This tournament is supposed to be fun and encourages newer players to participate while playing with the more regular players. That means you might play against more experienced players but based on the tournament structure you will also play against players of the same power level. To accommodate this we are using 1 side tournaments, meaning you will bring 2 decks (Corp & Runner) but only play one against each opponent. The tournament software will decide which side you are playing in a match, and ensure that this is balanced through the tournament.

So, we are playing something comparable to regular 5 rounds of swiss which is 8 rounds of swiss in this short format, each round with a maximum time of 40 min.

Hack the Egg:

Each player will build his standard Decks. At the venue you will get 2 additional cards, the eggs (it’s a proxy so please bring sleeved cards, additional sleeves and regular cards that can be used as the back of the proxy). These are Agendas with 3 advancement, 0 point that each player will include into his corp deck. This might be your 50 & 51th card, which is ok, for the eggs the deck building rules don’t apply, you add them later.
If the runners steals an egg, he takes it and includes it into his corp deck so the deck might get more and more eggs. To secure his eggs, the corp can simple score the agenda. The best egg hunter will get a special price at the end (see below)!
Yes both sides can forfeit eggs and they still belong into their decks (e.g. Archer).


You expirience with Netrunner ist limited? This will be your first tournament? You just started with Netrunner? Come and join us!
If this is your first tournament or you have questions, please feel free to ask any question! We help to answer them and you will have a fun event and meet nice people! Am I a beginner? This is something you should ask yourself and you can answer by yourself, we wont judge your decision, be fair!


Please bring decks that are fun to play against. Please avoid Siphon Spam, Asset Spam, Prison and other decks that you might have in mind. Focus on decks that might be strong but or not creating frustrations on the other side as the other side can’t play their game any more. Please respect the MWL, it applies to you, not to Beginners!

Price pool:

There is a special price pool for Beginners, just for participation you will get a special card (promo) one which is a “The Supplier” (En) from Jakuza designed. The first 4 at the location will get one of the 4 Deckboxen (select based on availability, see the picture). On top there is one “Chaos Theory / Chaos Theorie” (De) and 2x click tracker that are given out random.

Between all regulars we randomly assign one “Chronos Project / Chronos Projekt” (De).

At the start of the tournament we randomly assign between all participants, 1 Playmat Imp from EFE designed, especially for this event.

Every participant gets, 1x Playset to be selected from the following:

  • Estelle Moon (Fan Alt Art)
  • Diesel (Fan Alt Art)
  • IPO (Fan Alt Art)
  • Valencia (Fan Alt Art)
  • Mushin No Shin (De)

On top, the best egg hacker will get one portion of scramble eggs in the venue to show all his opponents how many eggs he has hacked!



Got the Eggs printed as actual cards, so no proxies required. And the Imps as well.


These are amazing.

Thank you for thee feedback, really looking forward for the event. Hope for something ~ 15 players.

Planning that everyone signs his eggs and whenever they steal one. So some of them will have some signatures on them and the people take them home. So it will be a nice souvenir people can take home.

Couldn’t find the picture of the playmat yesterday so here it is.

There is a review available from someone going to his first tournament: