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I just found out that I should be able to play on using the PlayStation 4 web browser. I’m going to give it. Try this week and I had a quick question about decks. Should I be playing with decks that are tournament legal, MWL 2.0 legal and Post Rotation legal? I’m just getting into Netrunner and I’d like to get an idea of which packs to buy once the Core 2.0 Box is available. Thanks in advance for any helpful info.


Yeah, mostly everybody plays with tournament legal, MWL 2, and post-rotation. If you don’t want to for any reason, or can’t, it’s a good idea to add that to the title of your game when you create it (e.g. “Core Set Only”).

Another idea is, if you’re new to Netrunner or new to Jnet, add “Beginner” or something similar to the name of your game, it will help you find a good matchup against someone who’s also new, or an old-timer who’s happy to play a bit slower and doing some helping out.


Thanks for the fast reply and the bonus info! I’ll be sure to add “beginner” to the name of my games starting out.

It’s generally polite to offer a few kind words before and after a game. Even if it’s as little as “glhf” and “gg thx” to acknowledge that there’s a person on the other side of the virtual table. I hope you have fun learning and trying new things and meeting new people! I really love Netrunner and I hope there are many good games ahead of you.


Also, I rarely concede, but if you decide that the particular game isn’t for you and want to move on, be sure to click “concede” and say “thanks for the game” to your opponent. It’s nice to hang out and chat for a moment or two after a game, but probably harder on your PS unless you have a keyboard.

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Thank you both for the excellent etiquette tips. I just grabbed a keyboard and mouse that I’m going to try with my PS4 later tonight. I’m also planning on just spectating a few matches before jumping in to get a feel for things. I’m very excited to try playing online, it’s been very frustrating having nobody to play with locally.

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Best of luck! I’ll probably be online this evening – perhaps we’ll bump into one another. I’m wombat929 on jinteki too.

There are also a decent number of people on currently playing with Core 2.0 only or Core 2.0 + 1 Deluxe Expansion, so you may be able to find games with a more limited card pool which will help you get started. I’m Xx3N1GM4xX on there and will often be playing these restricted card pools and absolutely always happy to help out anyone new with their first few games. If you join the Stimhack Slack server, I’m also on there (as 3N1GM4), so feel free to drop me a message if you are looking for games.

Good luck and I hope you have many fun filled games ahead of you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’ll definitely look you up online and I’ll definitely get on the Slack channel as well.

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