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Giving Your Deck Enough Credit

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/giving-your-deck-enough-credit/

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Interesting article, nice breakdown of the economy options!
I think there’s a typo at “Cards like Bank Job are the intersect between Run and Sustained econ”, should be temporary. Otherwise, nice work.

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Thanks, I’ll go correct it =)

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Very good article. Thank you for writing this.

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About Capital Investors, if you install it then rez clic clic, you’re doing it wrong (about the same piloting error you would do with lot less money than the runner installing a pad, rezzing it then end of turn).

You’re lucky I’m too far from a keyboard in the middle of the alps to say more because on corp econ you’re missing the main point I think (coverings of auto draw clic).

That was the point they were making. It’s not simply a magnum opus for the corp.

The example was : “IRezCC nets 2c so discard that”, which makes any campaign asset looking very stupid for the same IRezDoh move.

Also on Mining, saying it’s bad if you can’t draw it is, well, true for most cards, starting with agendas. Disregarding bait costs is not very honest when judging this one for exemple, this is like only seing semi-bad side of a card, in a conservative (turtling, no draw aka plainly asking a R&D lock) way of playing the game.

Sure, that was the example I gave. The better use, as I’m sure you were going to say, is to rez it the next turn and then click it for 6, netting 4c rather than 2. Grats, now you’ve made 4c over 4 clicks, and the runner will now go trash your shit if at all possible. As for Melange, all I said about it was that if you’re going to include it in a deck, keep it’s trash cost in mind. I never at all mentioned that it’s bad if you don’t draw it.

Anyhow, this is an article for new players, so of course I’m not going to write a mathematical dissertation on the cost/benefit analysis of every econ card. My goal was simply to give the reader some information about how to begin thinking about how different econ cards function, and, moreover, to get them thinking about them at all.

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But, but, but… You said you never count install clic :smiley:

I’m just telling if you write for new players, as a referent you should tell how to pilot things right.

I said I never count the credit lost on the install click. :wink: And I didn’t! Magical. If you’re going to criticize (and really, I don’t mind criticism; I’m sure there were things I didn’t think to cover, or a concept I explained poorly), at least criticize something I actually did.

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@Saan Just poping to say I’ll work on your article not before friday (got an indie rpg design contest to finish before thursday).

I’m not “against” you. If you see me a lot these times, it’s just because I care.

Your article is fine, but it seems to me a little light and confused on some points, and this could be better there, if you wanted to talk to newest players.

For exemple : Sure / Hedge are not good cards because they compress 4 clicks in 2. They are good cards because they leave you @ 9+ c aka safe spot aka score-land.

Triple Armitage is really better than Triple MO, if you remove install click from the equation, because triple MO still gives you dead draws.

If you count it:
3x1c + 3xinstall + 3 draws =< 1x5c + 1xInstall + 3 draws.
Then you trade non-perma against 2MU (aka “need to draw, finance and install a chip/console but with <3 Chaos Theory <3”).

Early against late.

LibAcc is not good if you count install & draw, because you use 6 clics to win 10c and economically that’s not “really better” clics than Armitage tier (8 for 10, aka somewhere where Sure Gamble lives), LibAcc is somewhere 2c better than Sure Gamble land (not far from Dailyland) in term of econ x tempo.
LibAcc is good because it leaves you at 16c.

And so on (…considering Sure Gamble are same as Hedge is an error, because drawing in a corp deck isn’t totally a decision… Etc).

Just saying if you try to teach new players some lessons (which is totally an admirable initiative !!! !! ! !!! !! !), I think you should try to gives them the same grammar as older players.

(and yes, “why it had to be you”, well, deal with it :))

I agree with your Sure/Hedge thing, and said as much in the article. Lastly, three armitage is only better than 3 Mopus if you both draw your entire deck as well as only need to click Mopus around 20 times. Otherwise the dead draws are fine because you don’t need to draw Armitage nor do you need to re-install them.

Finally, rather than “work on” my article, you should try and work on writing your own and getting it published somewhere! The world could always use more articles, plus I’ve already declined collaborative help already on this article due to time constraints, and neither asked for, nor particularly want your help. I hope I’m clear enough on this.